Exposed Acne Treatment

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What is Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed Skin Care

If you have acne you’ve probably tried lots of products by now. The reason some products work for some and not for others is still a mystery, but it has to do with the fact that everybody's skin and biology is different. Like most acne products, Exposed Acne Treatment System has worked for some when other products have failed.

A team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths and chemists, some of the best skincare professionals worked together to create a “unique and revolutionary skin care approach”. This collaborative effort resulted in an acne treatment that prevents new acne from forming, while it treats the acne you already have.This treatment does not use harsh medicines that dry out and tighten your skin. Instead this acne treatment uses the right combination of ingredients “that returns your skin to the natural and healthy balance it was meant to have.” This in turn will keep new acne from forming, while it treats the acne that you already have.

What will Exposed Acne Treatment do for me?

According to the manufacturer, this acne treatment will:

Help clear your present acne

Prevent new acne from forming

Even out your skin tone

Reduce existing acne scars

How long does this acne treatment take to work?

Exposed Acne Treatment will begin to work within the first two weeks for some users and within 5 weeks for most.

How do I use this acne treatment?

This acne treatment is very easy to use. Everything is accomplished in three steps:

Step1. Cleanse: Wash your face (and any other places that need treatment, such as neck, chest, or back) with the Exposed Facial Cleanser. This cleanser will remove dirt and excess oil from your skin. This Facial Cleanser does not disturb your skin's all important natural lipid layer. This Facial Cleanser also uses Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids to open up your pores so that excess skin cells can be removed. This allows the "acne killing additives" to go deep into your pores and kill the bacteria that causes acne to form.

Step 2. Clearing: The next step is to apply the Exposed Clearing Tonic all over your face, and neck. This tonic, made with natural and scientific ingredients, will open blocked pores and remove dead skin cells. This in turn will help to eliminate black and white heads. This fabulous tonic’s natural ingredients help your skin welcome the Exposed Treatment Serums.

Step 3. Treatment: This step is divide into 2 parts – Day and Night.

Day: After cleansing and clearing apply the Treatment Serum to all affected areas. It has extended release Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide that will kill the bacteria that causes acne and reduces the excess sebum. The natural ingredients in this day treatment serum help to soothe and heal your skin.

Night: The Clear Pore Serum is applied before bed to help clear and heal your skin while you sleep. The BHA Complex is a gentle acid that will open your clogged pores, take away dead skin cells and prevent new breakouts from forming, while it heals and protects your skin. This serum helps all the other parts of the Exposed Acne Treatment work.

How much does Exposed Acne Treatment cost?

Exposed Acne Treatment comes in two kits...The Basic and The Expanded

Here’s what you get in the Exposed Expanded Kit:

• Facial Cleanser
• Clearing Tonic
• Day Serum
• Night Serum
• Moisture Complex
• FREE Derm-X Cloth
• FREE Sm. Microderm Scrub

What kind of guarantee does Exposed Acne Treatment have?

“Exposed comes with the best guarantee in the industry.”

You use the system for a full 60 days. If you’re not satisfied you may return the products back to them within 1 YEAR OF YOUR PURCHASE for a full refund (minus shipping costs).

Exposed Skin Care

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