Ear Stapling for Weight Loss

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Ear Stapling for Weight Loss: What is this trend I’ve been hearing about?

Have you heard of having your ear stapled for weight loss? Ear stapling is the new diet trend sweeping the nation. The big difference is there is no diet involved. With this procedure there’s no counting calories or points, no weighing or measuring. Sound too good to be true? Can this procedure really let you sit down to dinner with the family and enjoy the same foods as everyone else? Can this procedure be the miracle half the nation needs so desperately? Will it help you get that beautiful celebrity-like figure you’ve always wanted? Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one.

What is Ear Stapling for Weight Loss?

Ear stapling for weight loss is similar to getting your ears pierced, but with, perhaps, a little more pain. Ear stapling for weight loss is done by stapling a tiny piece of stainless steel to the cartilage inside the middle of your ear. If done right, the ear staple penetrates the acupuncture point in the ear that is said to control the stomach. It is said that this pressure point tells the brain that the stomach is full. This in turn is supposed to control appetite and thirst. This acupuncture point is also supposed to relieve stress and tension, which causes many people to over eat. For some people this ear staple works so well that they can not eat at all and need to have it removed. But for most it is supposed to gradually decrease one’s appetite and cravings.

How much does Ear Stapling for Weight Loss cost?

Compared to a lot of other weight loss programs ear stapling for weight loss is quite reasonable. Prices range from $55.00 for one ear to $70.00 for two ears. Ear stapling professionals recommend that you have both ears stapled because everyone is suppose to have one ear that works better with this procedure than the other, but no one (to date) can figure out which ear this is. Having both ears stapled elimates the chance of choosing the wrong ear, therefore increasing your chances of this procedure working. Having both ears stapled is also suppose to even out your equilibrium.

Does Ear Stapling for Weight Loss really work?

ear with earring

As of this date, no real scientific research has been done. It has been reported, by ear stapling professionals, that up to 90% of all clients who get their ears stapled for weight loss are successful at losing at least some weight. They claim that women can lose 2 to 4 pounds per week and men will lose between 4 to 10 pounds per week. They will want you to eat healthy and exercise to maximize your weight loss. The ear stapling should help you achieve this. Two clients of one particular ear stapler reportedly lost over 100 pounds together. Others have reported losing one dress size in a week. But according to the news reports we investigated, it was more like 50% of the people who had their ear stapled lost weight. Some ear staplers tell clients who haven't lost any weight after a week to have the staple reposition. If after this they still do not lose any weight than ear stapling is not for them. Of course, as with anything in life, results will vary.

What are the risks associated with Ear Stapling for Weight Loss?

Infection is a strong possibility, and infection of the cartilage can be very serious. There also may be some scarring if the staple is too large. After getting your ear, or ears, stapled for weight loss, be sure to keep them clean and dry. This includes not touching the staple with your fingers. Your ear stapler professional should have care instructions that you must follow. If an infection should occur, run, don't walk, to your own doctor!

Who is the best person to do my Ear Stapling for Weight Loss?

Be sure that the person you choose to staple your ear has had training and knows what they are doing. Many people have jumped on the band wagon looking to cash in on the latest way to make money. The best person to choose to staple your ears for weight loss is someone with a medical background. If the ear stapler doesn’t have this background, be sure to investigate their practice. Ask how many ears they have stapled, how many infection cases have they seen. and what their success rate is. Be wary if they hesitate to share this information with you.

Do I only need to have my Ear Stapled once?

When you have your ears stapled for weight loss, the effects of the staple are reported by some to last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on who you ask, at which point you need to make the decision on whether to have a new staple inserted. Obviously, if it has worked for you the answer would be yes or just the opposite if you have lost little or no weight. If you choose a new staple it will be placed in the same pressue point area, moved just slightly.

Our advice on Ear Stapling for Weight Loss

Since the research has not been done adequately on this subject, proceed very cautiously. We are not recommending this procedure at this time due to a lack of actually scientific studies. Please check back with us for the latest information on ear stapling for weight loss. We will be updating this subject as soon as new information becomes available.

Update – July 2006 According to TV station KPIX as many as 14 ear stapling clinics in Mississippi have been closed for operating illegally. Since ear stapling is an acupuncture procedure it can only be performed by a medical doctor licensed to do acupunture. These clinics were operating without the proper medical license.

The Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure started their investigation into these clinics, who claimed to be for weight loss, after receiving many complaints from people who had their ear stapled. There were numerous complaints concerning serious ear infections and requests to area doctors to have these staples removed.

Dr. A Payne, a board-certified acupuncturist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center states that while acupuncture of the ear may help someone to loss weight, she can not support this idea due the high risk of infection. She further more does not believe that ear stapling alone will be the answer for everyone.

Since there are over 300 different acupuncture points in the ear it is hard for the lay person to know which ones to target. Only a trained acupuncturist should attempt such a procedure.

When the average person gets their ear stapled it is in just one spot. Dr Payne states "One spot cannot do everything."

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