This foundation, the choice of supermodel Rachel Hunter singer Carrie Underwood,and actresses Sienna Miller and Terri Hatcher is the perfect foundation for those who have aging or acne-prone skin. It is the only foundation that actually improves your skin condition instead of making it worse. This is because the formulation actually attracts 308% more oxygen to your skin than not wearing foundation at all. This promotes the natural production of collagen to help maintain the skin’s youthful look and feel. And it helps clear up acne. So yes, wearing this makeup is actually better for your skin than wearing no foundation at all! It is the latest thing in Hollywood and backstage at runway shows!

If you don’t like makeup that makes your face feel like your skin is being suffocated or like you are wearing a mask, try this "breathable makeup", like we did. This foundation feels light and silky and looks fresh and dewy. It matches your natural skin tone, so it’s virtually undetectable. You will look like you are not wearing any makeup, yet it provides complete coverage. It covers acne and rosacea, helps reduce breakouts, soothes irritation, and improves the tone and texture of the skin. It does not rub off and is long-wearing. It is non-transferable, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. It contains an SPF 15 which provides both UVA and UVB sun protection, and is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes so you can swim or go to the gym and wear makeup!

Quotes from celebrities at the Billboard Music Awards:

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood: "Dermacia is the only makeup I’ll use. I really don’t like wearing makeup, but this feels like I don’t have any on”.

Kathy Griffen: "I got Dermacia at the Emmy’s. It’s fabulous!”

Denise Richards: "I love it!"

Naomi Judd : "My color is perfect!"

Courney Love: “I really love your product, It’s actually brilliant!”

And men wear it too!

Phil Collins: “I already know I wear the crème color. It’s all I use on tour”.

Billy Gibons: “I can’t believe I’m wearing makeup. It feels great. Who would have guessed?”

What comes in the Dermacia kit?

The trial kit comes with the Breathable Makeup foundations in 2 shades so you get the one that’s just right, Breathable Cleanser, Breathable Toner, Breathable Moisture, a medium and small sized makeup brush, and an instructional DVD, which includes beauty secrets used by top plastic surgeons, celebrity makeup artists and dermatologists.

How do I apply this Breathable Makeup like a professional?

To apply this makeup, pump a shade or two shades of the foundation onto the back of your hand. You can use the light shade for winter, the dark shade for summer, or blend them together for seasonal changes. Blend it with the medium professional brush that comes with the kit, a sponge or your fingertips. Use the brush to apply the foundation under your eyes, forehead, cheeks, etc… and then blend it into your skin with a sponge. Quickly blend evenly with gentle downward strokes. You can layer it if you need more coverage. For extra coverage, use the small professional brush that came in the kit and then blend with your fingers or a sponge. You can even wear it on the back of your hands to make them look ten years younger.

How do I use the Dermacia Breathable Cleanser?

This Breathable Cleanser is ideal for all skin types. It removes makeup, even stubborn mascara, dirt, oil and other impurities, without stripping skin of its essential oils. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA which replenish and maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity. Apply to damp skin and massage gently with fingertips until makeup, oil and dirt are dissolved. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat skin dry with a soft towel.

How do I use Dermacia Breathable Toner?

Apply Dermacia Breathable Toner to your face and neck with a cotton pad using gentle circular motions. The toner contains no alcohol, fragrance, oil, or preservatives. It removes impurities while the Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA replenish and maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity. It contains algae extract to soothe irritation and calm redness and mushroom extract to protect the skin’s immune system and defend against environmental toxins.

How do I use Dermacia Breathable Moisture?

After cleansing and toning, spray the Breathable Moisture mist over your skin for intense moisturizing. The Lycogel Complex encourages collagen production. Vitamins A,C, and E firm and tone. The Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA increase moisture and the algae extract helps increase elasticity. Breathable Moisture reduces the irritation of acne, rosacea and other skin conditions.

What is the science behind this makeup and how does it help me swim in the fountain of youth for a longer period of time?

Barry Knapp created this foundation so that plastic surgery patients could have a healing makeup that would enable them to go out in public sooner, instead of having to hide from the world while they healed.

The patent-pending Lycogel Complex combines a breathable, triple-silica-gel-base with powerful oxygenating ingredients called Tissue Respiratory Factors (TRF). This is what helps your skin breathe by increasing the amount of oxygen (up to 308%) that reaches your skin. The Lycogel Complex works at the cellular level to enhance and restore your skin’s youthful beauty, instantly eliminating redness, swelling, and irritation while stimulating new collagen production.

This foundation also contains Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA which are naturally occurring elements produced by our own skin. As we age the production of these slows down. These ingredients will keep your skin soft and supple, nourish parched cells and provide long-lasting hydration and renewed elasticity.

It also contains Triple Antioxidant Vitamin Complex A, C, and E to help protect your skin from environmental damage, increasing the power of sun protection and slowing the effects of aging by stimulating new collagen production.

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