Dermacia Tips and Techniques

Carrie Underwood

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Here are some great Dermacia tips and techniques we have found to be helpful when applying Dermacia Breathable Makeup, the foundation used by stars like Carrie Underwood, Sienna Miller, Terri Hatcher and supermodels like Rachel Hunter. Since you can get a 30 day free trial offer, why not give it a try? See how it can improve your skin's acne or fine lines while it covers them! Dermacia Tip: Dermacia can literally revolutionize your lifestyle. That's because it's clean makeup that doesn't cause problems, so it can be worn in more places than regular makeup. This is why Carrie Underwood, who dislikes regular makeup, loves it. Instead of being too shy to go to the gym because you can’t wear makeup, as it will make your face break out when you sweat, you can wear Dermacia while you work out and it won’t hurt your skin. It actually helps clarify your complexion when you have it on because it attracts 308% more oxygen to your skin. So when you wear it to work out or walk the dog you are multi-tasking, getting exercise and helping improve your skin at the same time. Ever want to use the sauna, the spa, or the Jacuzzi but were afraid to go because your goopy foundation would get into your pores when you sweat, and your bare skin is not something you currently wish to exhibit in public? With Dermacia you can indulge in that pampered spa lifestyle and your skin won’t have to suffer. What about the pool or the beach? Did you ever feel like you couldn’t go? Dermacia is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes so now you can enjoy the water activities that you used to hide from. Because of all these great benefits, it is worth your time to learn how to make Dermacia work for you! Below are some great tips and techniques.

Dermacia Tip: The main thing to remember when applying Dermacia to cover acne or rosacea is that you should apply it in thin layers. You may need two layers, you may need three, you may need more - it depends on the severity of your condition. The good thing is that you don’t have to feel guilty about applying more and more because it helps to clear your skin. The best way to apply the Dermacia to cover your acne is with the big brush that comes in the kit. Spread it over the area that you are covering, brushing it into the skin. Then fine tune the coverage with the small brush that comes with the kit.

Dermacia Tip: Some people with severe acne let the Dermacia sit for a few seconds on their skin before they start to blend it in with the brush, which makes the Dermacia seem thicker. This may or may not blend well for you; it depends on your skin, so you need to experiment. Blend, blend, and blend the Dermacia some more!

Dermacia Tip: If you have wrinkles, fine lines, or need more moisture, then what you get from the moisture spray that comes with the kit, you can use your regular moisturizer.

Dermacia Tip: The kit comes with a light foundation and a darker foundation. You can blend them together to make your own perfect custom shade. Or you can wear the light one in the winter and the dark one in the summer.

Dermacia Tip: If you use the darker Dermacia shade or a custom-blended shade, you can use the lighter Dermacia shade on your eye area to brighten it.

Dermacia Tip: You can use the light Dermacia shade for highlighting your face and the dark Dermacia for shading and contouring.

Dermacia Tip: If you don’t like using the brushes, or if the Dermacia is not spreading enough, try a damp sponge . You could also use your fingers , because the heat from it produces natural oils which will help make the Dermacia spread more easily.

Dermacia Tip: What if you have major acne and you find that Dermacia does not cover it completely? Well, then you are not putting it on correctly. Since Dermacia is the foundation that will help clear your acne it is worth your time to learn how to apply it correctly to cover your particular skin condition. Because each person’s skin and skin condition is different, you may need to experiment before you get the perfect coverage for you. Here are some tips that may help you. Because acne skin tends to be oilier you may not need to use as much of the moisturizer as is recommended. Experiment with different amounts of moisturizer until you get it just right- when the makeup spreads easily, but is not thinned out too much.

Dermacia Tip: If you have still not perfected the application technique and insist on wearing your old foundation, then only wear it on special occasions, and wear Dermacia every other day, while you learn to master the art of applying Dermacia to cover your acne. As you wear your old foundation less and less and Dermacia more and more your skin will clear and improve and you won’t have so much acne to cover which will make Dermacia easier for you to apply anyway.

Dermacia Tip: And what is the greatest tip of them all? Watch the free DVD that comes with the kit. It shows you how to use the Dermacia system step by step and may give you some great application ideas.

We hope you found these Tips and Techniques useful when applying Dermacia Foundation. If you have any tips you would like to share, please let us know about them. Just use the contact page and be sure to use the word Tips. We will add it to our page as soon as possible. Thank you.

Heres's what some celebrities think about Dermacia:

Denise Richards

Denise Richards: "I love it!"

Naomi Judd : "My color is perfect!"

Carrie Underwood: "Dermacia is the only makeup I’ll use. I really don’t like wearing makeup, but this feels like I don’t have any on”.

Kathy Griffen: "I got Dermacia at the Emmy’s. It’s fabulous!”

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