Dark Circles Under Eyes

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What's the deal with those dark circles under eyes?

dark circles

Even without wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes can make you look old, tired and even a little sad. There are so many causes of dark circles under your eyes that escaping them is almost impossible. Some of the most common causes of dark circles under eyes are:

  • Heredity: That’s right, something else you have no control over. Take a look at your parents and even your grandparents. If you see dark circles under their eyes looking back at you the odds are in your favor that you’ll be looking at your own dark circles someday (if not today). The trait that you inherit from your loving family is thin skin around your eyes and that will become more apparent as you age. As the skin thins through exposure to the sun and other weather related conditions (wind, dryness, etc..) and the natural aging process, the veins beneath your eyes start to appear. These will appear as blue half circles underneath your eyes. Should the capillaries start to bleed under your eyes the skin takes on the color of the oxidized blood, dark blue and red, which will mix to give your dark circles that lovely, almost black, color. The idea that you ran into a bird on the way to get the mail stops being believable when it’s both eyes.

  • Lack of sleep: This is probably the #1 cause people think of when you say anything about dark circles under eyes. Lack of sleep will gives you a tired, pale complexion. The paler your skin (caused by getting very little sleep over long periods of time), the more your veins will show the blood flowing under your eyes and this in turn tells the world you don’t get enough sleep!

  • The Sun: You’ve heard it all your life ”Stay out of the sun”. And now you find out the sun may even be the reason for your dark circles under eyes. Yes, the sun causes the skin to darken (tan) and it also causes it to wrinkle. Together, this winning combination will give you those pesky dark circles under your eyes.

  • Your diet: Without a balanced diet your skin will age prematurely, possibly giving you dark circles under the eyes. Good nutrition is the key to keeping your body, including your face, young. Exercise can also help to keep dark circles under eyes from occurring by improving your circulation. You should ask your doctor if you need a multivitamin. Be sure to check out our great pages on this subject under Celebrity Body Secrets.

  • Allergies: Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or food allergies, rubbing your eyes, (because of these ailments, puts a lot of pressure on the tender skin underneath the eyes. Continuous rubbing may make the dark circle area of your eye thinner, allowing the blue blood to show, again causing those dark circles under eyes. Most allergy medications can help to alleviate the itch that is causing the constant rubbing of the eyes.

    There is good news, though. These nasty dark circles under your eyes can be concealed.

What are the best ways to conceal dark circles under the eyes?

The easiest way to get rid of those dark circles under the eyes is to check out our article on Best Concealer Tips. Pick one a shade lighter than you would to conceal blemishes. Always use very light dabs with your fingertip or a sponge to apply the concealer under your eyes on top of the dark circles. This area is a very tender area so treat it with the utmost kindness. Apply your foundation over the dark circle area and blend. Don’t use an oil-based concealer, it will fill in the lines around your eyes and draw attention to your dark circles. Always finish with a light powder.

What other ways are there to deal with dark circles under the eyes?

If the dark circles under your eyes are more than you can handle, you may want to try some of the new products on the market which claim to really work at eliminating the dark circles under eyes. The reports that we have read seem very promising. One dark circle cream that is making a name for itself is Hylexin. Touted as the cream for serious dark circles Hylexin claims that your dark circle under eyes will begin to fade in a matter of days and they have the clinical study to prove it. It’s reported that “72% of the women saw a visible reduction in the color and the severity of their dark circles under eyes”. In the Dermatology Report published March, 2006, Hylexin was given a superior rating for its ability to improve the color and puffiness of the dark circles. It scored an excellent rating in all other categories including long term effectiveness, ability to strengthen the capillaries, ability to smooth firm, and ability to postpone future aging. It also scored an excellent rating for improving fine lines and wrinkles. This dark circle cream sells for $95.00. To purchase Hylexin click here.icon

Other eye creams that received good ratings include:

  • Ocuderm: Given great rankings on the Dermatology Report this Dark Under Eye Circle cream calls itself “revolutionary”. It is said to dramatically reduce dark circles, decrease puffiness around the eyes and help strengthen small blood vessels around your eyes. You use it morning and night under your regular creams or cosmetics. The cost for this little miracle for dark circles under eyes is $79.85

  • Z.Bigatti Re-storation Eye Return: Also given great rankings on the Dermatology Report, this eye cream is loaded with antioxidants and botanical extracts. Used morning and night, it claims to soothe, smooth and condition your dark circles. This eye cream sells for $121.00. To purchase Restoration Eye Return click here.icon

  • Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue: This eye cream is also used morning and night and should help brighten and reduce your dark circles. It is made with antioxidants and other natural ingredients which include green tea and flower oils and extracts. This dark circle under eye cream is $95.00

What's left if over-the-counter creams don't help with dark circles under eyes?

If all else fails you can call your dermatologist for some other ways to deal with dark circles under eyes. There are prescription creams that can bleach the dark area under your eyes but be sure not to use over-the-counter bleach creams. These are not made for the sensitive eye area. Your dermatologist may have several other ways to treat those dark circles under eyes, perhaps with a chemical peel. Would you believe there are also some surgical options available? Your dermatologist can discuss these with you if he/she believes this is the route for you.

What prescription product for treating dark circles under eyes is a celebrity favorite?

Beth Chamberlain, of the soap opera Guiding Light loves a product available through physicians called Teamine. It increases circulation under the eye which removes dark circles, tightens puffiness, and brightens the eye area. It contains green tea, vitamin C, Vitamin K, and arnica.

Other solutions for dark circles under eyes.

Some people like to place cooled, boiled tea bags, or cotton balls soaked in cold milk, or chilled cucumber slices, or even frozen baby teething rings (new of course, not broken in by Junior's chompers), on their eyes for 10 or 15 minutes to try to temporarily calm the dark circles under eyes. If you wear glasses, try tinting your lenses a shade that compliments your looks. If all else fails, wearing dark glasses that rest where your dark circles are could do the trick.

If the dark circles under eyes still persist, we recommend you see a doctor.

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