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What are the best ways to get curly or wavy hair if my hair normally won't hold these styles?

The very best way to get curly or wavy hair is not with an electric iron (this is okay for bangs and sides, however), and not with electric rollers. Both are too damaging, take too long, and will not hold very long. Try a steam setter (Richard Caruso makes a great one). Many people have not heard of these, or just do not give them a try because they equate the effects to those of electric rollers. But there is a world of difference! Steam setters are a true gift for your hair! First of all, they set all types of hair, even hair that never could become wavy or curly before. African-American hair, Asian hair, bleached hair, straightened hair and thick hair can hold steam waves for the whole day. Hair that sets easily can hold them for up to two days.

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You can roll your hair in several different ways. And steam setters can lock in waves in as few as 5 to 10 minutes. Unlike electric rollers, the steam unit only takes about a minute to heat up, so it is practical to have wavy hair everyday, without getting up in the wee hours of the morning. You can get luxurious waves in seconds with steam setters. The waves that steam setters provide are noticeably springier and healthier looking and get tons of compliments! And the best news is steam setting actually protects your hair from damage because the moisture in the steam counteracts it!

You will have more control over your hairstyle if you get a three way mirror. You can easily roll the back of your hair this way. You can wind the hair around the steam rollers, just like you would with electric rollers. However, with steam setters, you steam the snap-on “shields” too, and then snap them over the rollers so that the hair gets double the steam. If you would like to try a different style try the spiral curling method that creates beautiful springy curls. Simply take 2” sections of hair and twist them out of the very ends and then wind the twisted section around the steamed roller, starting at the top of the section. Then clasp a “shield” over roller. Concentrate small-sized rollers at the upper back, middle, and sides, and bigger rollers at the bottom of your head. Leave rollers in for about 7 minutes. Toward the end of the 7 minutes, blast your rollers with cool air from the cool setting on your blow dryer. This will “freeze” it, and promote a long lasting curve.

Another great option for hard to hold a style hair are gel rollers. Jelly Rollers by Conair are easy to use and snap together to hold the curl up, to give your hair extra body. Gel rollers seem to grab the hair so that it sets perfectly. Always use a pick to pick out your waves first. If they are too tight, you may use a brush to brush them into shape. Gel rollers also provide springy waves that last all day! You may also want to consider using a hair product designed to help hair hold waves. Learning these hair secrets will enable you to go from stick straight hair to glamorous curls without a perm kit in sight!

If You Wish to Perm:

One of the best ways to curl hair is is get a perm. The answer is easy if you are wondering whether or not to have a friend perm your hair. Get your perm done at a salon! First of all, a hairdresser knows how to analyze your hair to determine if your hair and scalp should be permed. They also can wind the hair around the rods much neater, know what size rods will look best on your length and style of cut, and have better quality perm solutions. Home perms can also be more damaging. Hairdressers are trained to avoid damage. A perm at home can result in hair breakage or brittleness. Since a perm generally does not have to be touched up for three months or more, you should feel good about spending the larger amount of money, for a better chance of success. Hair that is in poor condition or has been colored recently should not be permed. Wait a minimum of 48 hours after perming to color your hair. If you wish to go this route, it's best to have both services done at a salon.

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