Contouring: Sculpt Facial Features

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How do I refine my facial features without plastic surgery?

contouring face

Contouring is changing the look of your facial features with highlights and shadows. The highlighters are foundations and concealers that are slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. The shadows are foundations or powders that are slightly darker than your natural skin tone. The highlights accent areas and the shadows make areas recede. Almost every photograph features a model with this style face. It creates a dramatic difference, making your facial features appear ”sculpted”. It’s like performing cosmetic surgery with makeup.

How to Contour:

Use a small, slanted makeup brush, similar in size to an eye-shadow brush. Apply highlights to areas that you wish to stand out more and shadows to areas you wish to make recede more. For example, you may apply highlights to your brow bone to make your eyes stand out. You may apply shadows to a double chin to make it less noticeable. Or to slim your nose, you can apply highlights down the center, in a thinner line than the actual width of your nose, and then apply shadows on the sides of the highlighted line and on the sides and tip of your nose! Remember, you don’t want your “contouring job” to look noticeable. So select shades that are only about one skin tone away from your natural one, blend all lines well, and apply powder over the areas to soften edges. And again, do not go out into bright lights or daylight with a highlighted and shadowed face!

After Dark Magic

While you should never do this procedure for daytime use, you can do it for after dark if you will be outside at night, like at a bonfire party, or at a fourth of July fire work festival, or if you are going to a dimly lit restaurant or club. Do not use this makeup tool if you are going to a place with plenty of fluorescent lighting such as a store, the office, or the mall.

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