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Which celebrities endorse Clairol Hair Color?

Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres, 1993’s Miss Universe, is the new ambassador for Hydrience Hair Color. Now a model and children’s book author, you may also remember her as the former Mrs. Mark Anthony. She uses Hydrience #44 Mocha Splash, Medium Brown.

Teri Hatcher has recently signed on as the spokeswoman for the Nice And Easy Hair Color line. Best known for her present day role on Desperate Housewives, Teri is also a mom on the go. Teri is a long time fan of hair color, since she started getting gray hairs at the young age of 25. Teri wears Nice 'N Easy #117 Natural Medium Golden Brown.

Former spokeswomen for this hair color include Linda Evans (Dynasty) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine). In 2003 Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) was the spokeswoman for Dark & Lovely Relaxer.

Should you have any questions about the above mentioned products please call Clairol’s Expert Color Consultants at 1-800-Clariol (1-800-252-4765).

How should you pick a Clairol hair color? Clairol recommends that you pick your hair color by deciding which of the below is your own natural skin tone:

Cool Tone: You have cool tone skin if you have light to fair skin with green, blue or gray eyes. You should choose hair color with cool or neutral tones. These would be colors with the word ash in them. They should not have any red or gold highlights or tones. You can also pick neutral or champagne colors. These are colors that have no warm or cool tones

Warm Tone: You have warm tone skin if you have golden, olive or dark skin with dark eyes. You should choose hair color shades with warm or neutral tones. Warm hair color shades will help brighten hair that looks a little mousey. Choose hair colors with gold or red highlights or tones. You can also choose neutral or champagne hair color shades.

What advice does Clairol’s hair colorist expert have about changing your hair color with the seasons?

Clairol’s color director and celebrity colorist, Brad Johns, believes that your hair color should change with the seasons. He advises women to choose lighter, brighter hair color in the spring and summer and warmer and darker hair color in the fall and winter. You can make these changes by starting with your own natural hair color and picking a hair color that is either one or two shades darker or one or two shades lighter then your own natural hair color or the Clairol hair color that you are now using.

What hair color products do they offer?

Clairol hair color is available in three levels:

Level 1 - Semi-Permanent: lasts up to 12 shampoos

Level 2 - Demi-Permanent: lasts up to 28 shampoos

Level 3 - Permanent: lasts until you recolor or until it grows out

What hair color products are in the Semi-Permanent line?

Level 1 - Semi-Permanent

Colorflirt – no commitment

• Great start for those new to color

• Will enhance your own hair color

• Washes out in 8-12 shampoos

• No mix mousse which is easy to use

• No peroxide or ammonia

• Blends with you own shade

• Can cover up to 50% of your gray

Loving Care – blends away the gray. It seems they are doing away with this line as on their website they ask you to find your color in their Natural Instincts line instead.

What hair color products are in the Demi-Permanent line?

Level 2 - Demi-Permanent:

Natural Instincts

• a botanical formula with no ammonia

• Colors last up to 28 shampoos

• Colors your hair but will not lighten it

• Colors your hair without using ammonia

• Uses low volume peroxide

• Blends with your own natural color

• Covers up to 50% of your gray

• Richly enhance your own natural hair color or what starting hair color you have already used

• Available in 27 beautifully natural shades

• Contains chamomile, ginseng and 100% pure aloe

• Takes just 10 minutes

• Comes with Color Conditioning Treatment which helps to protect your hair.

What hair color products are in Clairol’s Permanent line?

Level 3 - Permanent:

There are 7 hair color products in the permanent line.

Nice and Easy:

The celebrity spokeswoman for Nice and Easy is Teri Hatcher.

Terri Hatcher for Clariol

• 39 shades (with color seal to keep hair looking great for up to 6 weeks)

• 100% gray coverage

• Use Nice and Easy to touch up your own color or to get a brand new color

• Natural looking with highlights infused

Root Touch-Up:

• Use to touch-up your roots every 3-4 weeks

• Easy 10 minute application

• Great to use on your part, hairline and/or temple

• Compatible with most brands of hair color, not just Clairol.

Nice and Easy Gray Solution:

• Available in 10 shades

• For women whose hair is over 50% gray.

• Salon inspired solution will take those stubborn grays and penetrate the cortex to give you 100% coverage.

• Uses a new technology called Gray-Targeting Color Technology which is an instant pre-treatment that prepares your hair to accept the color crème

• It also includes ColorSeal Conditioning Therapy which is a 6 week treatment meant to lock in the color

Herbal Essences Color:

• 21 Bold and Brilliant shades

• Thick rich color

• Can lighten or darken hair

• Color stays true up to 6 weeks with rich shine

• Bold 'n Brilliant Color that's head-turning!

• Ammonia-free formula with a great fragrance

• Includes 6 weekly treatments of Conditioning Gloss which locks in the color and shine


The Celebrity spokeswoman for Hydrience is Dayanara Torres

• 19 rich colors

• Hydrates your hair with moisture to protect your hair during coloring

• Uses Pantene Pro-V 1-minute Color Pre-Treatment which seeks out and conditions the driest of hair and gets it ready to accept the color evenly.

• Covers 100% gray with fabulous color

• Includes 6 weekly treatments of After-Color Therapy to protect the color

Textures & Tones

• Designed especially for the needs of women of color

• 3 step process

• For relaxed or textured hair

• Most shades give 100% coverage of gray

• 14 dynamic, ammonia-free, permanent hair color shades

• Enriched with Brazil nut oil to protect hair

• Strengthening conditioners for amazing shine

• Protects hair from damage and helps to reinforce its natural strength

• Hair becomes soft and supple, with vibrant color and healthier shine.

Balsam Color

• 20 healthy-looking colors

• Use to cover gray

• Enhance your own natural shade

• Go darker or lighter

• Add richness and shine

• 100% gray coverage

• Botanical protein conditioner

• Has long-lasting color

• Hair becomes glossy and silky

What hair color product do they have for blondes?

Herbal Essences High Intensity Blonding

• Works fast

• One step

• Great fragrance

• Up to 6 weekly treatments of Continuous Conditioning Gloss to condition and protect your hair

• Works best if you haven’t used permanent color on your hair

More Blonding with Born Blonde

Do not use these products on hair that has been processed or colored in the last 3 months.

Born Blonde Original

• The original lightener kit

• One step

• For light blonde to dark brown hair

Born Blond Ultra Blue

• Ultra light blonding without the brassiness

• For light blonde to dark brown hair

• One step

• For light blonde to dark brown hair

Born Blond Maxi

• Maximum blonding for the darkest brown

• One step

• For dark blonde to black hair

What type of hair can use Clairol's highlighting kits?

Just about any hair color can use highlights to add drama and dimension to the hair.

• Permed hair

• Those who have less than 25% gray.

• Anyone who wants their permanent color to grow out gradually

• Anyone who only wants to retouch every 3-4 months.

What hair color products do they have in their Highlights line?

They have several highlightening kits. Check them out to see which one is right for you:

For Subtle, Natural-looking Hair Highlights

Clairol's HairPainting Kit: You brush on subtle hair highlights, or just dip your tips!

Clairol's Touch of Sun Kit: You spray this onto your hair to go lightly blonde, then sit in the sun or use a blow-dryer. Spray all over for a sunny effect, or spray on chunks of hair for the chunky look.

Clairol's Natural Dimensions: For subtle blonde highlights. Comes with Moisture conditioning crème to keep hair soft and shiny. Use Clairol’s glider comb, which works on all kinds of hair so you can see where the highlights will be. Works on light to medium brown hair.

For Dramatic Highlights

Clairol's Frost & Tip Kit: You use a cap and styling hook to plan where to place the highlights. You can create highlights all over your head or just do the tips.

Clairol's Herbal Essences HighLights: You use special highlighting combs to place luminous highlights exactly where you want them.

• Bold and Brilliant Highlights

• Available in 6 shades

• Adds shine to your color

• Low-ammonia formula

• Great fragrance

• Two combs to choose from:

Evenly-spaced Highlightening comb allows you to know exactly where the highlights will be Free-form Hightlighting Comb which allows freely spaced highlights. Good choice for curly or longer hair.

For Extreme Highlights

Clairol's XtremeFX: Looking for something extreme? This kit gives you the tools you need for any look you want. You can bleach your highlights.

What product do they have to give your hair more shine?

Clairol’s Shine Happy Clear Shine treatment is the answer.

• Apply like shampoo

• Takes just 10 minutes to add natural looking shine

• Works on natural or color treated hair as well as permed, relaxed or highlighted

• Conditioning treatment helps to keep in the shine

• Get 4 weeks of shine

Need more shine? Try Clairol's Color Boost Glaze.

Color Boosting Glaze is a salon inspired way to give your color a lift.

• Apply to damp hair, wait 5 minute and rinse

• One bottle - no mix

• Works with any brand hair color even salon color

• Get 1st day color and shine back

• Last up to six shampoos

• Contains aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E

• No ammonia

• No peroxide

Claircl Hair Color

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