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What are the best Celebrity Skin Secrets?

Cameron Diaz

Celebrities, like Cameron Diaz, live in a "fish bowl" and are scrutinized on a daily basis. Imagine feeling like you could not go out to get the mail without the paparazzi snapping your photo. This is why celebrities care about their skin. They need a smooth, clear canvas for their makeup. Models actually get more modeling jobs when they have good skin, because the advertising budget does not have to pay for as much airbrushing. If you think you could benefit from the confidence of having clear, beautiful, youthful skin in the real world, then you've come to the right place. These secrets will reveal all the best products and techniques (from subtle to drastic) used on celebrities by dermatologists, aestheticians, and even nutritionists. You will learn of the most advanced and reliable methods of getting rid of acne, wrinkles, and dark circles. And you will find out how to pick a moisturizer, cleanser, and how to drink more water (even if you hate the taste). You will even learn how to get the most beautiful skin possible from the inside with small lifestyle changes. With these tips your skin could potentially look so radiant that you may not even need foundation! Here are some fabulous Celebrity Skin Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous articles listed below them.

Bite-sized Celebrity Skin Secrets

Erase Fine Lines


Celebrity Skin Secret: Heather Locklear and Madonna banish fine lines with a product called Micro Pearl Abrasion. This celebrity secret product was created for the women of Baywatch, to keep their skin looking youthful. It is a scrub that you use each day for 5 days. In a clinical 28 day trial, women saw on average a 31% reduction in their fine lines!

Heal Acne Red Spots Faster

Gwyneth Paltrow

Celebrity Skin Secret: Gwyneth Paltrow’s skin guru Sonya Dakur recommends getting more zinc (found in meats, beans, and milk), Vitamin C (found in citrus fruit) and flaxseed oil (found in health food stores, and can be drizzled over your salad). Zinc and vitamin C are protective and strengthen the skin. The flaxseed oil will thin the blood in your skin a bit so your pores are less likely to clog. The three work together to help your skin heal more quickly, so that when you get acne it won’t take as long for the red spots to fade away. She also recommends getting these in the food form over the pill form and her best celebrity skin secret is drink plenty of water to keep skin from looking dry and tired.

Get a Uniform Complexion

Lisa Rinna

Celebrity Skin Secret: Lisa Rinna counts Glyquin XM Skin bleaching cream among her favorite skin products. It fades hyperpigmentation (areas of the face that are a darker color than the rest of your skin). It hydrates skin, contains an SPF, and also includes vitamin C, E, and glycolic acid.

Evict Acne

Kathy Fields,MD

Celebrity Skin Secret: Celebrity dermatologist Kathy Fields, M.D. recommends exfoliating the skin to keep pores unclogged and acne from forming. Make sure the beads in the exfoliation product are spherical and not jagged and rough (steer clear of apricot scrubs which contain beads that are too irritating to the skin, they actually result in microscopic tears in the skin). A good exfoliating product to try is Proactiv Solution Renewing Cleanser.

Here's where to find all the best Celebrity Skin Secrets:

Noodle & Boo - celebrity adored.

Get Great Skin from the Inside

Learn the secrets to mastering the necessary lifestyle changes for achieving beautiful skin. Includes great tips for relieving stress with such interesting techniques as “high tech meditation”, getting tons of water (even if you hate the taste), getting a great night’s sleep without medication, quitting smoking, avoiding drinking and drugs, eating for beautiful skin, and making exercise fun!

Get Great Skin from the Outside

In this article you will learn how to make your skin even more beautiful, and how to keep it that way for as long as possible, by designing your perfect, personalized skin care routine. Here you will learn the secrets to picking out your perfect cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer, exfoliation product, eye makeup remover, mask and toner. You will also learn how to be a smart consumer and a savvy shopper by discovering which ingredients you should look for and which you should avoid.

Top Beautiful Skin Foods

Learn of the top twenty foods that will help keep your skin clear and wrinkle free. As an added bonus, you will learn the top four foods to avoid if you are acne prone.

Best Acne Products

Find out which acne products celebrities are using and which ones are considered to be the best in the industry. This article focuses on over the counter products and includes natural acne solutions.

Best Acne Treatments

Wondering what causes acne? Learn what the best treatments are for mild, moderate and severe acne. In this skin secret article you'll discover all the latest techniques for getting clear skin.

Acne Acnomel Cream

This over the counter acne product provides a new type of solution for mild to moderate acne. This article discusses what it is, how to use it, and pros and cons.

Exposed Acne Treatment

Another acne treatment to try for those with persistent acne, formulated by a team of chemists, dermatologists and other skin professionals.

Retin A

This prescription acne treatment is good for clearing up acne and preventing wrinkles.


This prescription acne treatment can actually cure cystic acne- those huge red bumps that leave pock marks on your face. But of course, with such fabulous rewards come great risks. This article gives you the scoop on this loved and loathed medication.

Blue Light Therapy

Want to make your acne a distant memory? Blue light therapy could give you the skin you've always wanted.

Chemical Peel

This popular treatment can reduce the look of acne scars, fine lines and discoloration.

Acne Scars

This article will tell you about the latest technology and treatments for removing your acne scars. You don't have to carry them around like souvenirs!

Mild Acne

Everything you need to know if you are a sufferer of mild acne. Suffer no more!

Moderate Acne

This article contains all that you need to know if you are suffering from moderate acne.

Severe Acne

Do you have severe acne? This form of acne is the most difficult to treat. Here's what you need to know.

Best Anti Wrinkle Creams

In this article you'll find out which anti wrinkle creams celebrities are using and which ones are considered to be the best in the industry!

Best Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Find out which anti wrinkle treatments are available through your dermatologist or physician. Discover celebrity skin secrets like laser treatments, fillers and injectables, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, retinoids, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy acids. This celebrity skin secret article also reveals how celebrities prevent and treat wrinkles!


This is a treatment that is popular among celebrities and anonymous folks alike. Find out how it can help create a beautiful new surface for your skin with minimal invasion.

Laser Therapy

Do you have deep wrinkles or bad acne scars? Then you might want to bring out the big guns...er...lasers.

Facial Tape for Wrinkles

Does facial tape for wrinkles really have the power to “pull” your face into a more youthful appearance? Learn about the infomercial type and the spa type of facial tape for wrinkles.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Learn how to conceal and remove dark circles under eyes. Discusses dermatological bleaching, chemical peels, and new highly rated creams like Hylexin. In this celebrity skin secret article you will even learn which prescription product for removing dark circles is a celebrity favorite!

Sick of My Dry Skin

Sick of feeling like an crocodile who's been out in the sun too long? Here's how to get relief for your parched skin.

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