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Why should you spend time reviewing celebrity nutrition tips? Well, since celebrities are in the public eye and under a social magnifying glass they need the latest and greatest information to help them lose weight and feel great. Even though you may not be in the public eye, you are a star in your own right and just as deserving of staying healthy, young, and beautiful. These celebrity nutrition tips can give you shiny hair, strong nails, strong teeth, clear, youthful skin and of course a great figure. And did I mention boundless energy and doctor visits that aren’t as scary? What’s not to love?

Celebrity Nutrition Tip- Vegan Vixen:

Alicia Silverstone is a vegan and has written a book called The Kind Diet, in which she describes the benefits of vegan living. She also has a website called TheKindLife.com, which brings vegans together to discuss beauty products, clothing, footwear, and vegan recipes that do not test using animal products. Alicia Silverstone’s approach to veganism is quite inclusive. She breaks veganism into 3 categories. Flirts are meat eaters who are trying to make the transition or trying to cut back on meat consumption. Vegans can still enjoy convenience foods, while Super Heroes are those which go macrobiotic. Alicia has said that the diet is good for her skin, hair, nails, energy level and weight loss.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip- Baby Food for Grownups?

Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a fan of the macrobiotic diet and the raw food diet, has a personal trainer named Tracy Anderson. Word has it that Tracy Anderson has created what is called The Baby Food diet. While nobody knows exactly what rules the Baby Food Diet consists of (the diet is also rumored to have been used by Jennifer Aniston to get in shape for Just Go With It), that hasn’t stopped people from speculating on what it may consist of. The rumor mill suggests that it is a diet of either pureed fresh food or canned baby food. The rumor mill also suggests that the dieter eats these small rations of baby food 14 times a day. Who knows if the rumor mill is correct about this but anyway, have you seen the price of baby food? Probably not a practical idea. I would instead recommend doing a diet like Weight Watchers while doing a Tracy Anderson DVD workout.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip-Berry Good Breakfasts:

Berries contain antioxidants that help protect your skin from aging and assist in the prevention of several types of cancers and protect your vision. Some celebrity nutrition experts recommend berries for breakfast for tons of energy. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are among the most energizing. Personally I love a blueberry oatmeal breakfast. Oatmeal is another energizing food which contains soluble fiber which means it makes you feel full longer and helps you lose more weight. If you can’t afford fresh blueberries don’t worry. A serving of blueberries is only a half a cup. Buy a bag of frozen blueberries, scoop out half a cup, put them in microwave safe dish and microwave for a minute. The blueberries come out warm which will remind you of blueberry pancakes. Mix them into your oatmeal for an energizing taste sensation. I love how the berries turn my oatmeal blue. For an extra nutritious taste treat mix in some walnuts or almonds. To feel like you are eating at your favorite pancake house put a small dollop of whip cream on top and top with crushed nuts. If you are not crazy about warm oatmeal, mix berries into some nonfat Greek yogurt and use the oatmeal as a topping.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip-Help Me Honey:

One tablespoon of honey contains 181 compounds that can benefit your health. Honey helps boost your immunity, keeps your digestive system running well, assists in clearing up infections and helps keep healthy bacteria in your system. Celebrity nutritionists recommend mixing a tablespoon into your cup of tea.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip-Tomato Time:

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene which assist in the prevention of skin cancer and heart disease. Dr. Oz says that ten tablespoons of tomato sauce a week should give you the lycopene that you need.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip-Calcium for Cavities:

Cheese helps prevent cavities. Who knew? I personally love Laughing Cow light cheese wedges. The Austrian spa of celebrities and billionaires, Viva Mayr’s philosophy is that you can eat whole cheese fat and milk as long as your diet is primarily made up of whole, unprocessed foods.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip- Spark Your Nutrition:

Ever wonder if you are getting adequate amounts of nutrition…fat, protein, carbs, sodium, calcium, fiber, vitamins, etc…? Check out the website Sparkpeople.com. Here you can input everything you have eaten in a day and it will tell you how you are doing nutrition-wise. I like to use the nutrition tracker to tweak my menus until they are nutritionally sound.

Celeb Nutrition Tip: Miraculous Milk:

Low-fat milk contains vitamin D which assists in preventing several types of cancer.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Walnuts for Wellness:

Walnuts contain lots of vitamin E which helps protect you from heart disease. Eating a handful of walnuts helps lower your blood pressure by helping blood vessels relax.

Celeb Nutrition Tip-Peanut Butter Power:

Choose the natural variety of peanut butter because the other kind includes hydrogenated oils which clog arteries. Peanut butter protects your heart, raises good cholesterol and improves function of blood vessels and can even help ward off diabetes. Go for 5 tablespoons a week.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Amazing Apples:

Apples help prevent liver cancer, colon cancer, lung disease and help improve your memory.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Belly Fat Blaster:

Barley lowers cholesterol and helps reduce belly fat. Mix ½ to 1 cup barley into your rice or into your stir fry.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Vinegar Voiding:

Vinegar helps prevent cancer when you marinate your meat in it before grilling it.

Celebrity Nutrition Tip-Mushroom Magic:

Mushrooms can help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Tummy Remedy: A teaspoon of Cardamom seeds a day soothes chronic tummy aches and intestinal upsets in as little as one day.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Egg Excellence:

Egg yolks boost your brain’s ability to perform by helping it make neurotransmitters. There are mixed opinions on how much egg yolks to eat. Older wisdom suggests a maximum of 4 per week but newer research says you can safely eat 2 egg yolks per day without raising your risk of cholesterol.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Popcorn Prevention:

Not only can popcorn fill you up so you don’t overeat, but it helps prevent cancer.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Control your Cholesterol:

Eating foods rich in oleic acid, such as avocados, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and pecans lowers your LDL cholesterol (the bad one), helping cut your risk of heart attack by almost 35%.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Pepper Power:

One fourth teaspoon of black pepper a day kills abnormal cancer cells and gives your meal a salt-free kick. Those dishes that you used to dump salt and pepper on? You won’t even notice the salt is missing. Try using pepper as a substitute for salt.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Pomegranate Powerhouse:

This juice is a powerhouse of nutrition and a favorite among celebrities for keeping their skin wrinkle free. Drink 4 ounces a day to help contain cancer from spreading and to give you beautiful skin that stays younger looking longer.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Eat a Clove a Day:

Ward off vampires and cut your risk of cancer by eating a clove a day. Not wanting to scare away Edward Cullen or Lestat with your garlic breath? Then try a garlic supplement instead.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Spicy Sauce:

Put oregano on your spaghetti sauce or pizza slice to help slash your risk of cancer.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- Carotenoids Cut Cancer:

A supplement labeled “mixed carotenoids can slash your risk of cancer by up to 70%.

Celeb Nutrition Tip- K is a Kancer Killer:

Get more vitamin K to kill cancer. Vitamin K can be found in: Kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus.

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