Celebrity Nail Secrets

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What are some of the best Celebrity Nail Secrets?

No longer will you have to endure the doldrums of having short, brittle nails. Just like a celebrity manicurist, CBSG gives you all the "nail know how" you need, as far as the best products and techniques, so that all the nail secrets of celebrities are "right at your fingertips", (pardon the pun). These nails secrets will help you to achieve your own "perfect 10!" Here you can learn how to grow long nails at the quickest rate possible. And you will be able to give yourself a celebrity quality manicure in ten easy steps. What if your nails just won't grow? You will learn which type of artificial nails are right for you. And you will learn about the latest innovations when it comes to nail products and techniques! With CBSG by your side you will be cheerful every time you look down at your digits! Here are some fabulous Here are some great celebrity nail tricks. There are plenty more to be found in the many aticles listed below them.

Bite-Sized Celebrity Nail Secrets

Paris’s Pinks and Hearts

Paris Hilton

Celebrity Nail Secret: Paris Hilton’s manicurist, Elsbeth Schuetz, has said that Paris likes pink or white nails with 2 red hearts outlined with silver glitter on each nail. Elsbeth also does the nails of Jessica Simpson who likes pale pink nails, with white monograms decked out with one rhinestone per monogram, and Kirsten Dunst who likes white nails with newspaper print, and Courtney Cox Arquette who likes textures and patterns created by sponges in red, silver, and gold paint.

Shine in Seconds


Celebrity Nail Secret: Beyonce’s nail technician, at the Paint Shop in Beverly Hills, has a trick to give you shiny nails in seconds. Take a vitamin E capsule, break it open, and massage the oil into your nails and cuticles. This moisturizes nails and gives them a slick, shiny appearance. It’s like getting a glossy top coat in seconds.

Kick the Slick

Uma Thurman

Celebrity Nail Secret: Uma Thurman’s nail expert uses a cotton ball dipped in facial skin toner to wipe nails clean of residues and natural oils before applying base coat or color. This helps the polishes stick to the nails.

Tyra’s Quick Trick

Trya Banks

Celebrity Nail Secret: When Tyra Banks doesn’t have time for a manicure, she buffs her nails with a nail buffer. Nail buffers look like small, hard, square sponges. You can find them in drugstores. You hold it in one hand and brush it across the nails on the other hand in a quick back-and-forth manner. Buffed nails are natural looking but shiny. It’s a great way to get a polished look in a snap!

Here's where to find all the best secrets to get celebrity nails:

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Celebrity Manicurist Hot Tips

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Best Nail Tips

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