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What are some tips for great nails from a celebrity manicurist?


Manicurist to the stars, Melissa Bozant, has done manicures and pedicures for many of today’s hottest celebrities, including Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Williams, Kelis, and Lil’ Kim. Her work has been featured in magazines such as MAXUM and Instyle. We asked Melissa to share some hot manicure and pedicure tips with our readers:

Manicurist to the Celebrities Hot Tips

• Soak your feet weekly, pumice your heels and buff your cuticles

• Apply clear polish the day after your manicure or pedicure (this will help your polish stay put for two weeks)

• Buff your cuticles and lightly file the sides of your cuticles (this will keep cuticles soft and smooth)

• Vitamin E oil is excellent for dry cuticles (the best).

Celebrity manicurist Melissa Bozant is known to give you a pedicure you will always remember. Each treatment is based on a person's condition - this sensitivity is achieved through the practice of giving Shiatsu treatments for over twenty years, and learning how to harmonize the yin and yang forces within the body. Tsubo is a traditional therapeutic form of massage to stimulate acupressure points. Releasing these points opens the channels of energy and blood circulation to nourish the internal organs, glands, muscles, nerves, and vital centers of the body. Melissa concentrates during the entire treatment. Each treatment manicure and pedicure is 45 minutes each, and is customized to each client's specific needs. Melissa also gives clients a creative “twist” to French manicure and natural colors. She custom blends the colors to compliment the individual. For more information visit MelissaBozant.com.

Written by Melissa Bozant for Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine

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