Celebrity Makeup Secrets

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What are the best celebrity makeup secrets?

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Next time you compare your looks to those of a celebrity, like Charlize Theron perhaps, and experience the pings of inadequacy, remind yourself that celebrities have the best makeup artists in the industry waiting in the wings. Celebrity makeup artists use all the "best products" and "best techniques" to transform plain, flawed faces into works of art. Wish you had your own makeup artist? Why not take the time to learn the following celebrity makeup secrets and become your own personal makeup artist? Just think, if you have the know how (which you can get right here at CBSG, as far as learning all the best products and techniques), then the only things separating you from a professional makeup artist's skill level is sleight of hand (which can be practiced) and creativity (inspiration is everywhere, just pick up a fashion magazine). And most importantly, have fun with it! You are your own walking canvas. Here are some fabulous Celebrity Makeup Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous celebrity make up secret articles listed below them.

Naturally Plump Lips
Scarlett Johanson

Celebrity Makeup Secret: Scarlett Johansson’s makeup artist Matthew Van Leeuwen uses a wet wash cloth to exfoliate her lips with horizontal strokes. This increases circulation and temporarily plumps up lips. Then he applies gloss for the finishing touch.

Create a Natural Flush

Mischa Barton

Celebrity Makeup Secret: Mischa Barton’s makeup artist Nick Barose blends a sheer liquid foundation on top of a cream blush to mimic a natural blush, “as if blood is rushing to your cheeks”.

Glowing Eyes

Kate Hudson

Celebrity Makeup Secret: Kate Hudson’s makeup artist, Leslie Lopez, feels that sometimes smoky eyes are a bit much for fair-skinned gals. She uses pale gold shadow and gray eye liner instead. “The effect is subtle but sexy”, she says.

Use Two Brow Colors

Natalie Portman

Celebrity Makeup Secret: Natalie Portman’s makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell recommends using less brow color where brows are thickest. She uses a taupe shade to fill in her brows from the inner corners to the arches and a soft brown from the arches to the ends. If you blend these two shades together your brows will have a more natural look.

Here's where to find all the best Celebrity Makeup Secrets:

What are the best Celebrity Makeup Secrets?

Best Blushes

What are the most flattering brands of blushes you can possibly buy? Check out this celebrity makeup secret which reveals our Best Blush list. These quality blushes will give you a healthy glow without looking cakey or greasy.

Best Blush Tips

Whether you want to be a California Girl or a Snow Bunny today, we've got the prettiest blush looks for you. Learn the secrets of the pros for flattering your cheekbones and discover which type of blush you should use for the look you want to achieve.

Best Bronzers

Want to know which bronzer is a favorite of Jessica from the Pussy Cat Dolls? Want to know which bronzers can give you a natural looking sun-kissed glow? With this makeup secret you'll find the most flattering bronzers anywhere and there's not an orangey one among them.

Best Concealers

We reveal the very best concealers on the market today. This list includes award winning concealers and concealers that celebrities use. Find out which concealer Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyeneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields use that is waterproof. Or the concealer that Courtney Cox-Aquette loves that is used on fashion shoots.

Best Concealer Tips

Tired of wondering if other people can tell that you have concealer on? Wondering which concealers will give you the most natural coverage? Learn how to select and apply concealers for a flawless look. Blemishes or dark circles under your eyes? Learn the makeup secret to covering any imperfection.

women applying makeup

Create Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes can make or break your look. Learn eye make up tips from the experts on how to make your eyes the most beautiful eyes they can be. From eyeliners to eye shadows, and even how to curl your lashes, this makeup secret article has it all!

Create Smoky Eyes

Learn how to create those smoky eyes worn by many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

Best Mascaras

We reveal the very best mascaras on the market today. This list includes award winning mascaras and mascaras that celebrities use. Find out which mascaras Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, and Cheyenne Kimball are crazy about! If you like a natural look, find out which new breakthrough mascara is clump-free! If you like a not-so-natural look, find out which mascaras will make your eyelashes HUGE!

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Learn how to apply false eyelashes, how to remove false eyelashes, and how to care for them

How to Use Mascara to get Long, Thick Lashes

Learn the best makeup secrets to building long, thick, mesmerizing lashes. This eye make up tip teaches tricks used on Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey, Madonna and others. Learn how to select and apply the perfect mascara for you.

Eyelash Extensions

Wondering how celebrities get those extra long eyelashes? This makeup tip tells how celebs wear eyelash extensions at all the award shows and red carpet events. Are they for you?

Get Flattering Eyebrows

You’ve probably seen the "one eyebrow look" or maybe the "no eyebrow look". Now it’s time to learn how to shape and groom your eyebrows for the "celebrity look". Courtney Cox-Arquette has said that the right eyebrows can make a huge difference in your look! This celebrity makeup secret tip will show you how to achieve "eyebrow impact". This is an eye make up secret everyone should know.

Best Foundations

We reveal the very best foundations on the market today. This list includes award winning foundations and foundations that celebrities use. Find out which yellow-based foundation is Eva Longoria's favorite. Find out which "breathable" foundation supermodel Rachel Hunter uses that helps clear acne and is anti-aging! Find out which foundations are great choices for hard-to-match pale and darker skin tones! No more foundation insecurity!

Best Foundation and Powder Tips

This celebrity makeup secret will reveal the product that Teen People Magazine calls a "celebrity secret weapon". It is applied before your foundation to give your skin a polished, refined look and it also helps to keep your foundation in place. You'll also discover how to select the perfect foundation and powder for your skin type. Learn how to apply the correct foundation and give your face a finished look with the right powder.

How to Get Beautiful Lips

This celebrity makeup secret will show you how to play up your lips for your sexiest pout possible. We recommend checking out the article below first, if you'd also like to have the fullest lips possible. But make sure you read this article either way to achieve your maximum mouth!

Fuller Lips: Best Lip-Plumping Products Celebrities Use

Want full lips like Pamela Anderson, or Angelina Jolie? No need to make an appointment for collagen injections! This article introduces two "Good House Keeping Award"-winning products used by celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Jenny Macarthy, and Terri Hatcher to get fuller lips. And guess what? They actually work! This is a can't miss celebrity makeup secret for seductresses!

Choose A Flattering Lipstick Color

Not sure which lipstick color is right for you? Check out our easy way to select the right lipstick color according to your skin tone.

Look Beautiful In All Your Pictures

In this celebrity makeup secret you'll learn the "tricks of the trade" for taking pictures that capture your "best side". Yes, this is possible even without a Babs-esque entourage! Learn the makeup secrets, what to wear, how to pose, etc...

Makeup Artist Tools

Wondering what is needed to stock your makeup bag like a pro? Learn about some inexpensive tools that everyone should have to get the most professional makeup result possible. We tell you why you need them and how to use them. With this celebrity makeup secret you’ll be a pro in no time!

Mineral Makeup: Which are the best and how do I use them?

Ever wonder about that natural powdery stuff you've seen on informercials? Would it be a good match for your skin type? How do you use it? Which brands are the best? What are the pros and cons? The answers are right here!

applying makeup

Self-Makeup Artist Crash Course

In a hurry? Take this crash course which summarizes all the important beauty tips needed to become your own personal makeup artist. Here you will find tips on fixing flaws and which colors will give you your most natural look. This is one of the makeup tips you won't want to miss.

Sculpt Your Face Without a Scalpel

Sculpting. Contouring. Highlighting. This celebrity makeup secret beauty tip explains what these words mean and how you can make them work for you. You will learn how to, and when to, so only the best you is seen by the world.

When to Discard Makeup

Wondering how long to keep using the same foundation that never seems to run out? Learn the life expectancies for your favorite cosmetics. The warning signs are also included so you’ll know when it’s time to throw the old stuff out and buy new stuff. This is one of the celebrity makeup secrets that the whole world should know. Stop putting bacteria on your face now!

Warm Skin Tones

Turn heads and feel confident by knowing which colors are your best friends.beauty.

Cool Skin Tones

What are your best colors? This article tells you how to select the very best pallet for bringing out your stunning natural beauty.

Permanent Makeup

Looking for a permanent fix that will shorten your makeup time? Is permanent makeup really a viable solution for beauty problems? Or does it just create more? Pros and cons are given to help you decide if this is for you.


Need a foundation that is sweat and water resistant? Dermacia was based on a product that was developed for recent cosmetic surgery patients to wear. It allowed oxygen to penetrate the makeup and reach the skin which allowed the patients to cover up their surgery scars while speeding up healing. If you are active, you may like this foundation because you can wear it while you work out without it causing breakouts.

Dermacia Tips

Dermacia can be a tricky foundation to apply flawlessly. Never fear, we have the skinny on applying this foundation right here.

Virtual Makeovers and Makeover Games

We searched the internet for the best Virtual Makeovers and Makeover Games. We've even found a virtual makeover featuring a celebrity makeup artist! Don't waste your time clicking through poor quality websites- check us out first!

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We hope you have enjoy all of the celebrity makeup secrets that we have to share with you. Please return often to see what new celebrity makeup secrets we add.

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