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What are the best Celebrity Hair Secrets?

Jessica Simpson

Celebrities, like Jessica Simpson, are lucky. They have the best hairstylists in the industry waiting at their beck and call. If they would like to change their hair color or try a new hair style or length for their latest red carpet gala or movie role, then it's as easy as asking. They never have to worry about bad hair days with the plethora of "best products" and "best techniques" at their disposal. Well, most of us don't have access to a hairstylist more than once a month (if we're even that lucky). So why not learn how to become your own personal hair expert. The following celebrity hair secrets will give you the know how on all the best hair products and techniques so you too can create celebrity hair worthy of the red carpet! Glamorous hair is not just for celebrities anymore! Here are some fabulous Celebrity Hair Secrets. There are plenty more to be found in the many fabulous celebrity hair secret articles listed below them.

Bite-Sized Celebrity Hair Secrets

More Flattering Center-Parted Hair

Christina Ricci

Celebrity Hair Secret: Celebrity hairstylist Cheryl Marks who has worked on Christina Ricci’s hair recommends parting hair a little off-center. When you part your hair, you drag the comb from the top of the back of the head (known as the crown) to your forehead. To make middle-parted hair more flattering to all face shapes, be sure to end the part about ¼ inch to ½ inch away from the actual center of your head.

Pantene Commercial Shine

Lauren Prepon

Celebrity Hair Secret: Celebrity hairstylist Crystal Tesinsky who has worked with Laura Prepon and Nicole Ritchie says that the super shiny hair in celebrity photos comes from blow drying the hair straight (as straight hair reflects more light than curly hair) and by adding shine sprays or serums that have little sparkles in them, which makes the hair sparkle too.

Ice Cube Shine

Liv Tyler

Celebrity Hair Secret: Liv Tyler’s hairstylist Tina Cassaday uses a fresh-from-the-freezer ice cube and rubs it up and down the hair shaft to create shine. The ice cube chills the hair, thus sealing the cuticle which makes hair gleam. How cheap and easy is this hair secret!

Hair Product Most Celebrities Use

Kelly Ripa

Celebrity Hair Secret: Celebrity hairstylist Crystal Tesinsky says that most celebrities, like Kelly Ripa will need a pomade or wax at some point because it tames fly-aways, can make the ends of hair look “piece-y”, and can smooth frizzy strands. Just rub a pea sized amount between hands and then run down the hair shaft. You can also add texture to the hair by coiling it around a pomade-slicked finger and letting it uncoil. To make hair look slick lightly comb afterward.

Here's where to find all the best celebrity hair secrets:

Feria Highlight Kit Review

My own review of this highlighting kit.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give your hair fabulous length or volume. Discover how Paris Hilton’s hair goes from short to long overnight or how Hillary Duff adds thickness to her hair. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Teri Hatcher have all used hair extensions. If you are curious about this celebrity hair secret then this is the article for you.

ghd Hair Straightener

Find out about the latest hair straightener from the UK to hit the USA. This one has a round barrel which lends itself to fabulous curls as well as those great straight hair styles that the celebrities love. Tame your frizzes and give your hair a polished look! Don't miss this celebrity hair secret!

Sedu Hairstyles with Sedu Flat Iron

Get gorgeous, straight, silky hair like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Lopez, with the latest hairstyling tool to sweep Hollywood. The Sedu Flat Iron can give you straight, curly, or flipped Sedu Styles, while making damaged hair look healthy. Course, unruly or frizzy hair is a thing of the past with this wonderful tool! Don't miss this celebrity hair secret!

Remington Frizz Therapy

I reviewed this flat iron to see if it could help me with the bird's nest of hair that I acquired one summer after swimming in chlorine without protection and riding a plethora of roller coasters.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster

Trying to grow your hair long like Anna Kornikova or Crystal Gayle? Learn the celebrity hair secrets for getting longer hair, faster! Learn what scalp massages, vitamins, hair smoothies, healthy food, and exercise do for your hair and how they can help hair grow longer. Learn why everyone’s hair should be trimmed several times a year and how you can prevent the damage that will thwart your hair growing efforts.

How to Use Hair Color

Learn how to go blonde, go red, go brunette, and how to get brassiness out of your blonde. Learn how to achieve the best highlighting and bleaching results possible. Wonder how Gwen Stefani's bleached hair looks so healthy? This celebrity hair secret article has tons of tricks for getting celebrity-worthy results at home!

Perfect Hair Color

Pick the perfect hair color for you by knowing what hair color can and can't do and by picking a shade that compliments your skin tone.

Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones

This article tells you what the perfect hair color is for your complexion. Read this article and Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones to decide which skin tone describes you. The articles then list the most flattering hair colors for your complexion.

Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones

This article tells you what the perfect hair color is for your complexion. Read this article and Hair Color for Cool Skin Tones to decide which skin tone describes you. The articles then list the most flattering hair colors for your complexion.

Warm and Cool Hair Colors

Here are the common names on hair color boxes that denote cool or warm tones to help you pick the perfect shade.

Loreal Hair Color

The secret is out on which L’Oreal hair color shade your favorite celebrity is using. Discover all the celebrity hair secrets, including which shades Beyonce, Heather Locklear, Milla Jojovich, and Andie Macdowell have worn. Check out our L'Oreal Hair Color page to find the perfect hair color product for covering gray, getting rid of brassiness, and getting a natural looking, multidimensional result. Why? Because YOU’RE worth it!

Clairol Hair Color

What celebrity hair secret does Clairol know about Teri Hatcher and Dayanara Torres? Find out the exact hair color they are wearing in the commercials. Want to know which Clairol product is perfect for your hair color needs? Whether you want total coverage for stubborn grays, or to add subtle or shocking highlights, you will find a hair color solution here.

Revlon Hair Color

Wondering which hair color can give you beautiful color in just 10 minutes? See how Revlon's High Dimension hair color can also cover 100% of your gray. What other great hair color products does Revlon have? Find out more celebrity hair secrets including highlighting and much more.

Garnier Hair Color

Looking for the best smelling hair color on the market ever? Try Garnier! Find out which hair color Sarah Jessica Parker used during her Garnier spokeswoman era! Want a color that's a little bolder than the norm? Check out 100%Color by Garnier. See what Multi-lights is all about. Don't miss this celebrity hair secret!

Add More Shine to Your Hair

Do you desire hair so shiny that people mistake you for a Pantene commercial model? Discover the latest and greatest shine products that will make your hair shine like it has never shone before! Learn more hair secrets, including Jessica Alba's hair dresser's favorite shine product, the new Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine collection, Clairol's Shine Happy and Color Boosting Glaze, etc.. Learn the absolute best way to get shiny hair at a salon. Is your hair looking dull from over processing? Hair color fading? Resolve these problems with shine products that you may not even know exist!

Best Ways to Curl Hair

Give me your tired hair, your poor hair, your huddled hair masses...any kind of hair at all and I can tell you how to curl it. If I was a betting woman I'd guarantee that these techniques will curl your hard to curl hair. African hair? Asian hair? Thick hair? Damaged hair? Hair that just doesn't hold a curl? Yes you too can sport some sweet swirls!

The Perfect Hair Style for You

Learn how to find the perfect hairstyle for your face shape, hair type, lifestyle and more!

The Perfect Hair Style for Your Face Shape

Learn how to figure out what your face shape is, which celebrities share your face shape and which hairstyles are most flattering.

Bob Haistyle

Sick of the endless drying time and split ends that accompany long hair? A bob hairstyle may be just what the hairdresser ordered. Check out pics of celebs who have sported this sophisticated style.

Short Hairstyle

Bored of the work you need to put into medium length or long hair? See if short hair is for you.

Pixie Hairstyle

Looking for a no fuss hairdo? Need to chop off a ton of damaged hair? The pixie hairstyle may be but you need.

Pictures of Hairstyles

Check out our collection of celebrities sporting hairstyles of various lengths. Here you will find the perfect picture to bring to your hairdresser.

Pictures of Long Hairstyles

Want to liven up your Rapunzel-esque locks? Here is some long hair style inspiration form Hollywood.

Pictures of Medium Hairstyles

Medium length hair...it's a happy medium (pun intended) between glamorous long hair and the no muss, no fuss of short hair. Here are some Hollywood medium 'dos that you might want to do.

Short Hair Style Picture

Considering short hair but not sure of the exact style you want? These pictures of celebrities will help you decide.

Pictures of Pixie Hairstyles

A pixie hair style is the shortest you can go (short of a crew cut). Here are some pix of celebrities sporting this charming short hairstyle.

Curly Hair Style Pictures

Need some inspiration before you curl your 'do? Or maybe you have naturally curly hair and are looking for new ways of wearing it. These pics of great celebrity swirls will be sure to inspire your next head of curls.

Prom or Wedding Updo Hairstyle Pictures

Looking for the perfect prom or wedding updo? Here are some pictures of your favorite celebrities sporting unique and fancy hairstyles.

How to Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker

Are you getting a little thin on top? Both men and women can suffer from hair loss trauma. Many products claim to grow hair back but many do nothing or grow peach fuzz. How do you know which products really work? We reveal the only hair loss treatment products that actually work. With this hair secret you will also learn ways to make your hair look thicker by adding volume and body.

Hairmax Laser Comb

This revolutionary new hair care product makes your hair thicker and more manageable. The Hairmax LaserComb can even help fill in any bald or thinning areas! Your hair may actually stop shedding while the remaining hair becomes thicker and covers up your bald spots. With this hair secret you can enjoy thicker hair with no side effects! Discover this Time Magazine Invention of the Year that was even praised on Dateline NBC!

Pick Perfect Products for Your Hair Type

Think you know your hair type? This hair secret may change your mind. Do you know your hair type can change with the seasons or with any new medication you’re taking? Learn what type of hair you have so that you can make wise product purchasing decisions and get products that really do what they say!

How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Think you know how to blow dry your hair? This celebrity hair secret will show you know how to dry your hair for maximum shine, straightening or adding body. Learn how to get the most from your blow dryer while getting the least damage to your hair!We tell you how.

Tips for Brushing and Combing Hair

Every aspiring Rapunzel knows how to pick the best brush and/or comb and how and when to use them. Learn how to brush and comb your hair for maximum benefit. This celebrity hair secret also includes tips on how to clean them both.

How to Repair Your Damaged Hair

Is your hair damaged from too much hair coloring, perming, relaxing, chlorine or sun? Is it dry and lifeless with lots of split ends? Too much blow drying? Perming? Straightening? Do you fry it everyday with a curling iron? In this celebrity hair secret you will find out how to rejuvenate and restore your hair! Learn how to get shiny, soft, silky hair that’s in its best condition ever!

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Find out why the Mason Peason Hair Brush is the favorite of celebrities. Jessica Simpson’s hairstylists uses it as do countless other celebrity hairstylists. Why? The unique rubber-cushioned pad massages your scalp while you brush your hair. This hair secret will help you pick out the hair brush that's just right for you.

What to Know Before Cutting Your Hair

Do you desire a designer hairstyle? Have you booked an appointment with a salon? If you want the most for your money, check out this celebrity hair secret article which will prepare you for your new hair makeover. Get the best, most flattering hair cut possible with these secrets!

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