Celebrity Beauty Secrets 2

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Celebrity beauty secrets: What are your favorite star's beauty tips?

Katy Perry

Since celebrities like Katy Perry have access to all the best beauty tips, techniques, and products, they have a lot of secrets to share. To discover their beauty secrets click on the letter of their first names below or simply scroll down to learn all the secrets. It may be especially helpful to take note of what the celebrities that look most like you do and use..


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Kate Bosworth's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Kate Bosworth

• Kate Bosworth has had her makeup done by Sharon Gault, who prefers blotting papers to powder for oily T-zones, because they absorb oil without changing the appearance of the makeup. If you run out of blotting papers, take a facial tissue and peel the two sections of tissue apart, and use one of these.

• For the movie Blue Crush, makeup artist Tarra Day enhanced Kate's tan with a bronzing liquid applied to her body. She further enhanced Kate's eyes with a green eyeliner and her lips with a nude gloss.

Kate Hudson's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Kate now has her own page. Click here for Kate Hudson's new page.

Katherine Heigl's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Katherine had shimmering, soft skin on the red carpet thanks to a tinted body lotion that contained moisturizers, luminizers, and SPF protection. You can create your won by combining these four ingredients.

Katy Perry Celebrity Beauty Secrets: The California Gurl has her own page. Click here for Katy Perry's new page.

Kelly Clarkson's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Kelly Clarkson, the Grammy award winning singer, looks sleeker due to a nutrition and fitness regimen that includes drinking lots of water, and having a personal chef to assist her with limiting portions. She also runs laps. Can’t afford a personal chef? Not in the mood to cook every night? Try the E-diets Delivery Service or Nutrisystem Nourish Delivery Service programs which delivers low-fat, portioned meals to your door.

Kelly Ripa's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Kelly is a fan of Fake Bake self tanning products.

Ke$ha's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Pop party girl Ke$ha's style is so eclectic that she has her own page. Click here for Ke$ha's page.

Kiera Knightly's Celebrity Beauty Secrets: • Kiera has revealed that her hair in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is the result of hair extensions. Thinking about taking the hair extension plunge? Check out our article Hair Extensions to learn more about this common celebrity beauty trick.

• Kiera has also said that her over-flowing cleavage in Pirates of the Caribbean was the result of strategically placed fashion accessories. Me thinks many a gal in those days must have performed similar tricks. If you want to learn how to sculpt what your body looks like in clothes, check out our Celebrity Style page!

Kristi Yamaguchi's Health and Beauty Tips:

Check out our interview with Kristi Yamaguchi , ice skating gold medalist and former star of "Dancing with the Stars". She shares her beauty tips and explains her dedication to the American Lung Association's cause concerning flu shots.

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Lady Gaga's Celebrity Beauty Secrets: The futuristic pop idol's Haus of Gaga style factory is so prolific that we had to give the lady her own page. Click here for Lady Gaga's new page.

Laeticia Casta's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Laetitia Casta

• French supermodel Laetitia Casta told Elle Magazine about her beauty secrets. "The products I use are not necessarily the same brand", Laetitia said. "They happen to suit my hair, or my face, and they are generally very ordinary. To remove makeup, I use a baby bath lotion, which I buy at the pharmacy. I apply it to my face with a very pure, soft cotton wool, the usual cotton pads for removing makeup literally scratch my face! My skin tends to get dry, so I apply a very light cream, by Avene. For my lips, which are also often dry, I use a cream which contains vitamin A. Also, I always carry a spray bottle of Evian spring water."

Laura Prepon's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Lauren Prepon

• Want to add sparkle and shine to your hair? Celebrity hairstylist Crystal Tesinsky who has done Laura Prepon's hair blow dries her client's hair straight and then applies shine sprays and serums that have sparkles in them.

Lisa Rinna's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Lisa Rinna

• Lisa Rinna has said she uses Glyquin XM bleaching cream to give her skin a uniform tone.

• Lisa's favorite lipstick brand is MAC. She loves the look of Hug Me with a dark lipliner.

Lisa loves Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder. She says that it gives a natural looking glow.

Face Place's Honey Almond Scrub and Face Shampoo is Lisa's favorite way to start the day. She loves this duo because it cleanses and exfoliates.

• Lisa's favorite anti wrinkle cream is Epicuren Alpha Lipoic Omega Cream because of its exceptional moisture.

Liv Tyler's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Why does Liv’s hairstylist Tina Cassaday use an ice cube on her hair? To give her locks major luster!

• Which makeup products are hard for Liv to live without? “I'm hooked on Yves St. Laurent concealer. It's almost invisible and I put it under my eyes and stuff. They have gorgeous old-fashioned gold tubes. And all the lipstick colors are really beautiful. They're brilliant punk rock colors that you can't get anywhere else, like fluorescent pink and really beautiful reds."

Givenchy’s Very Irresistible is Liv’s signature scent.

Lucy Liu's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Lucy Liu

• Lucy Liu was asked by Jenny Karakava of Joblo.com if she had any health and beauty tips she would like to share. Her advice was, "Drink a lot of water and do pilates."

• Many Asian women have eyebrows that grow straight down. These brows can be tamed by brushing them straigt across, and by trimming any hairs that point down or stick out. Celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw recommends that Asian women use a black or brown-black eyebrow pencil or brow wax to give brows more definition.

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Madonna's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:


• Madonna uses Fake Bake self tanners

• What mascara color does Madonna use to bring out her natural eye color? Maroon mascara is often used instead of black for bringing out blue and green eye colors.

Mae West's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

We know you love your vintage celebrities! So Mae West has her own page. Click here for Mae West's beauty secrets page.

Maggie Q's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Maggie Q knows the secret to silky, soft celebrity hair that lasts for 6 weeks. She has Ionic Conditioning Treatments done at top salons.

Marcia Cross's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Marcia uses Creme de la Mer moisturizer! While the price tag is a bit high-end, apparently so are the results! Marcia also uses creamy foundation and tops it with pressed powder.

Mariah Carey's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Mariah Carey

• Mariah Carey is one of many celebrities who gets 6 weeks of shiny, silky hair with ISH Ionic Conditioning Treatments.

• Mariah told Jay Leno that she lost over 30 pounds by adding swimming to her exercise routine.

• Mariah Carey is one of many celebrities who love AmazingConcealer by AmazingCosmetics.

Marilyn Monroe's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• The most famous celebrity beauty from the fifties was undoubtedly the legendary Marilyn Monroe. People still search the internet for her beauty tips to this day! Marilyn was famous for her platinum blonde hair. To achieve Marilyn's color your hair will need to be bleached (which we only recommend doing at salons). Bleached hair is very delicate so be sure to use hair products with protein in them.

• Marilyn was also famous for her "seductive eyes". She once admitted that she lowered her eyelids a little before the picture was snapped to make them look mysterious!

• Marilyn also wore false eyelashes. Check out our article How to Apply False Eyelashes to get the skinny on this retro beauty staple that has made a comeback!

• Here's an interesting fact: Marilyn's figure was once perceived as "ideal" in the fifties, but she would have been considered plus size by today's modeling standards, as she was a size 12! This just goes to show how unrealistic today's standards are and why we might want to embrace the old school concept of beauty, as it seems a LOT healthier. To get a curvy figure like Marilyn's check out our Celebrity Style section to learn some fashion tricks celebrities use to sculpt their figures.

Megan Fox's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Megan has her own page. Click here for Megan Fox's page.

Melissa Gilbert's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Melissa Gilbert looks incredibly youthful in her forties. How does she do it? Melissa wears Sheer Cover makeup, a mineral based complex that allows you to "brush away your flaws" and achieve a sheer, natural looking "no makeup finish".

• Melissa Gilbert uses Wen hair care. Wen is a conditioning shampoo that does not use sulfate detergents to cleanse the hair. After trying it myself, I think that this product would be good for those with dry hair, maybe not so good for those with oily hair.

Michelle Yeoh's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Michelle Yeoh rinses her face with lemon juice and water , according to beauty expert Diane Irons.

Miley Cyrus's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Miley has her own page. Click here for Miley Cyrus's new page.

Mischa Barton's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Mischa Barton

• Mischa Barton has had her makeup done by top artist Agostina for Cloutier, who likes to take a bit of powder blush (in the same shade worn on the cheeks) and brush it over eyebrows, from brow bones to hair line. The color should be very subtle and should appear to brighten the skin and eyes.

Missy Elliot's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• If you are African American or Latina and wish to try lighter brows for a day, try this trick that has been used on Missy Elliot. Use a bronze colored mascara and brush lightly over dark brows to tone them down.

• Celebrity makeup artist Billy B. (who has worked with Missy Elliott) recommends applying eye shadow before your under eye concealer. That way, if any eye shadow flakes fall down you can just wash them off before applying concealer.

• Missy Elliot’s makeup artist Billy B. lines her lips with a soft brown shade of lip pencil and then uses a lip brush to blend the color inward (which takes the edge off the look). Then he applies lip color or gloss.

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Nicole Kidman's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• According to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, Nicole Kidman's Hollywood makeup artist uses baby oil to soften her skin, make it glow, and even to make her eyelids shimmer! You can rub it in your elbows, knees and ankles, to soften skin, put it on your legs or arms to make them glow, or put a touch on your eyelids to make your eyes sparkle!

• According to beauty expert Diane Irons, Nicole rinses her red hair with cranberry juice.

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Oprah Winfrey's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Oprah's list of her favorite things included a moisturizer called Hope in a Jar, by Philosophy.

• Oprah's hairstylist, the multiple Emmy Award-winning Andre Walker, has written a book about how to get your best hair possible, called Andre Talks Hair. He has a philosophy about hair. It should be healthy, fit your lifestyle, and be easy to style. He believes that beautiful hair is easy when you know your hair type, and that everyone's hair falls into one of four different categories. Andre will help you figure out your hair type and then will guide you through meeting your hair's full potential.

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Pamela Anderson's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Pamela Anderson

• Pamela Anderson has had her makeup done by Alexis Vogel who is famous for turning celebrities and average Janes alike into bombshells! Alexis is famous for giving celebrities and models that famous big hair, big lashes, cat-eyed, pouty lip look like Pamela has! You can actually learn how Alexis applies makeup to celebrities like Pamela, step-by-step, if you order her DVD from MakeupConnection.com.

• Pamela loves the look of tousled, wild hair. You can achieve this look by rolling your hair around large or jumbo steam rollers, and then picking out your curls with a pick while you hang your head upside down. When you flip your head back, say, "Voilà!"

Penelope Cruz's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Penelope Cruz

• Penelope Cruz has said that she sleeps 12 hours a day, so that she eats less and gets tons of beauty sleep. I would do this but I don't have the luxury of giving up that much time. Make sure you at least get 7 hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is bad for weight maintenance, energy levels and your mood!

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Queen Latifa's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Queen Latifah

• Queen Latifah has her own beauty secret page. To read her spin on beauty click here.

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Rebecca Romijn's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Rebecca’s loose waves are created by adding a touch of gel mousse to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Blow dry to remove all moisture. Then set on hot rollers. Remove rollers and blow dry the curls with the dryer on cool. Comb curls gently to create waves.

Rihanna's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Rihanna now has her own page. Click here Rihanna to learn all her beauty secrets.

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Sara Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• According to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, Sarah Jessica Parker's celebrity makeup artist uses small pieces of toilet seat covers in place of blotting papers to blot an oily face. They work just as well and are more economical, although maybe not as convenient.

• Sarah Jessica Parker’s tousled curls are created by using two different size curling irons for a more natural look.

• Sarah Jessica Parker gets eye-catching legs by applying a shimmery body lotion on just the front part of her shins, from knees to ankles. For a similar result, you can use a powder brush to apply a loose shimmery powder.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Sarah Michelle Gellar keeps her hair shiny, silky and soft thanks to Ionic Conditioning.

Scarlet Johanson

Scarlett Johansson's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Scarlett loves Du Wop Reverse Lip Liner. You line your lips with this liner first and it keeps your lip color from bleeding. It also gives you a very precise lip line.

Sophia Loren's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Get your vintage beauty fix! Sophia Loren is known as an ageless, exotic Italian beauty. She has so many beauty tips that she has her own page. Visit our Sophia Loren page.

• Whether you want to incorporate some of that sizzling sixties sex kitten style of hers into your look or learn some very creative uses for olive oil, Sophia's page is sure to interest you.

Stacy Keibler's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Stacy Keibler, revealed the secret to her great legs to Ladies' Home Journal. "I go to the gym and do cardio and weight training. Lots of lunges (with less weight) seemed to show me the best results for my legs.

Stephanie Seymore's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

•Want to steal all of super model Stephanie's beauty secrets? Well, you don't have to steal them! You can buy her book, called Beauty Secrets for Dummies, from the famous "Dummies" line of instructional books.

Susan Lucci's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Susan Lucci

• Susan Lucci has been said to look better now at 60, then she did in her 20s! How is this possible? Susan is very faithful with her skincare routine. She even endorses an at-home microdermabrasion system, called Youthful Essence, which she uses herself to turn back the clock. This system utilizes micro-fine crystals to exfoliate the skin's surface to help reverse the signs of aging.

• According to celebrity beauty expert Diane Irons, Susan Lucci keeps her skin young looking by snacking on sardines, because they contain omega-3 faty acids which are essential for smooth skin.

Susan Sarandon's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Susan has said that she is terrified of plastic surgery and doesn't mind getting wrinkles. She does not mind, however, using anti-aging products, such as Revlon's Age Defying Makeup which she has endorsed. This contains an anit-aging ingredient called Botafirm. This product received 5 stars in its review on Epinions.com.

• Sixty something Susan Sarandon defies her age with a flattering haircut. She prefers a shoulder length style with long layers in the back and layers in the front.

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Taylor Swift's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Taylor Swift has her own page. Click here for Taylor Swift's new page.

Teri Hatcher's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Teri Hatcher

• Teri’s makeup artist believes the way to go when 40 and over is to wear less makeup for a fresh look. For skin that glows he adds a luminescent liquid to her foundation. To make Teri’s brown eyes pop he uses brown shadow with shimmer added to it.

• Teri has auctioned off her hair extensions to charity. Teri's hair extensions did not add length, but volume and thickness. When hair extensions are used for this purpose they can also be called "hair additions". To learn all about lengthening and thickening your hair instantly, check out our article Hair Extensions.

Tia Carrere's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Tia Carrere

• Tia Carrere lost 25 pounds after having a baby, by dancing, as preparation for her stint on Dancing with the Stars. Dancing is a very efficient way to lose weight because it is both an aerobic exercise and it tones your body at the same time. Not to mention, it's fun, so you are likely to stick to it! Tia was amazed at how quickly the pounds came off and how rewarding the payoff was. “Now that I’ve seen what kind of shape you can get in, I just want to keep going,” she said. “I just want to challenge myself physically and mentally. It’s difficult, but it’s nice when you see it come all together.”

Tyra Banks's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Tyra Bank's celebrity makeup artist recommends improving the appearance of cellulite with coffee grounds, according to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

• Do you wish you could find flattering, natural-looking foundation for darker skin, like Tyra wears? Try Iman's cosmetic line which specializes in foundations and other types of makeup for the skin tones of every ethnicity! Visit ImanCosmetics.com. Finally darker skin tones, and hard-to-match-skin-tones have a line designed especially to flatter them.

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Uma Thurman's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

• Uma Thurman is a fan of baby oil. Baby oil is a staple of Hollywood makeup artists! They use it to make their client's skin feel silky and to soften rough knees, elbows and ankles. They use it to make legs shimmer with sun kissed looks, and they use it to make eye sparkle by putting a touch on their eyelids.

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Vanessa Williams's Celebrity Beauty Secrets:

Vanessa Williams

• Vanessa Williams uses Proactive skin care products to keep her face acne free.

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