Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

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How can I incorporate some of Brigitte Bardot's sixtie's French sex kitten style into my look?

Brigitte Bardot

• The French sex symbol of the sixties, Brigitte was famous for her "mermaid-style" bleached blonde hair (she was a natural brunette), her pouty lips and her cat-eyes!

• Brigitte was the one who popularized long, flowing hair in the twentieth century. Before her women were either wearing their hair up or in a shoulder-length coiffed style. If you would like to grow your hair long like Brigitte's check out our article, Make Hair Grow Faster in the Celebrity Hair Secrets section. To get Brigitte's hair color, you can try one of the shades from L'Oreal's , very French-named Les Blondissimes blonde hair color line, which can take medium blonde to light brown hair to light blonde. If your hair is any darker than light brown you will have to have it bleached to achieve her color (which we only recommend having done at a salon!)

• To get Brigitte's full, pouty lips, see our article Fuller Lips: Best Lip-Plumping Products.

• To get Brigitte's cat-eyed look, build your mascara at the outer corners, applying more coats here than elsewhere, to "lift" the corners of the eyes. You can also exaggerate the ends of your eyeliner a bit so that they turn up slightly. For truly Bardot-esque eyes, you may also want to try a water proof liquid liner to get that retro cat-eye look! You can also check out our article Applying False Eyelashes to get thick lashes at the outer corners of your eyes. While false eyelashes are coming back now, they were extremely trendy during Brigitte's era!

Here's some Brigitte style inspiration for ya. This was Brigitte's introduction to the United States, a film that shocked audiences in its day called And God Created Woman...

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