The Bob Hair Style With Celebrity Pictures

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The bob hair style:

Patricia Arquette Bob Hair Style

If you’re a short hair style fan looking for what’s in fashion, this is your time to shine. One of today's most popular hair style is “the bob.” The bob hair style has deep roots in the hair styling business. Since its first debut back in the 1920’s, by Louise Brooks, an actress at Paramount Studios, the bob hair cut has gone in and out of style, only to be reborn for today’s gal who loves short hair. Some women love this style so much that once they discovered it they keep it as their signature hair style. Vogue Editor Anna Wintour has kept this hair cut for the last 20 years. Dorothy Hamill, the gold medal ice skater has worn the bob hair style cut since the 1970’s. Victoria Beckham (the former Posh Spice of the pop group Spice Girls) has made the very angular bob her signature hair style of the moment.

Susan Lucci Bob Hair Style

The Cut: This blunt cut can be worn anywhere from ear length to just below the chin and even shoulder length. Experts say it should never be below the shoulders as this will result in your hair doing a flip. Today’s angled bob hair style is a ½ inch to an inch lower around the jaw line then it is in the back.

A bob hair style is a precision cut, sometimes one length, but can be layered. You can wear the bob perfectly straight with bangs like Patricia Arquette and Susan Lucci or without bangs like Jessica Simpson. If your hair is straight, an undercut will give you a fabulous hairstyle that will be easy to take care of.

Pick a bob hair cut for your hair type

Thin hair: Thin hair should be given a blunt cut bob hairstyle. This is one that is cut even using scissors This hair cut will make thin hair look thicker. When blow drying your thin hair apply some root boost and pull your hair up and way from your head, and then curl down under. This will give it some lift and volume. Finish with some light hair spray.

Katie Couric Bob Hairstyle

Thick hair Thick hair can be cut using a razor at the ends which will make the hair look softer and a little more eye appealing because it is cut uneven.

Note: If your hair has a tendency to frizz opt for a hair cut with scissors instead since cutting hair with a razor tends to cause split ends. And split ends are what frizzy hair is all about.

Curly hair: A bob hair style cut doesn’t always look good on curly hair. Unless you want an unattractive pyramid, be sure to ask for a hair cut that is longer than your chin and layered in the back. Remember: the short the hair cut the wider it will be at the bottom.

Bangs: If you want bangs go for lots of them to frame your face. Cut them straight across or sweep them to the side using a side part. Wispy, light bangs are old-fashion.

Jessica Simpson's Bob Hair Style

How versatile is the bob hairstyle?

You can change the look of a bob hair cut by simply pushing the sides behind your ears. If it’s long enough you can pin it up for a more formal look. To get the perfect hair style for you choose a bob hair cut that suites the length and width of your face. A bob hairstyle is one hair cut that looks good as it grows out. You can start out will a short bob style and like it even better as it grows out.

What hair care is needed for the bob hair cut?

Dorothy Hamill Bob Hair Style

The bob hair style is an easy cut to get and easy to take care of. So easy, in fact, Dorothy Hamill has been wearing it since the 1970's. It's her signature hair style. Simply wash your hair, then use a little conditioner. Dry your hair, using a hair brush from underneath to turn the ends under. If your hair needs a little extra hold, be sure to use some mousse or hair spray. If your hair is curly choose a longer bob hair style. This will help to relax the curl.

Victoria Beckham Angled Bob Hair Style

What about highlights on a bob hair style?

Of course, highlights will look fabulous on a bob. Just be sure your hairstylist or colorist makes them look as natural as possible. Victoria Beckman (the former Posh Spice) enjoys her angled bob (or Pob) with highlights and lowlights giving her hair depth and interest.

What about a little change now and then?

The bob hair style can be changed by adding some accessories like barrettes and head bands. Add clip in extensions for more fun with color or to add some length. You can always curl your bob with some great heated rollers. Use your imagination and you'll always look in fashion.

Kelly Ripa Bob Hair Style

You can create massive volume and change the look of a traditional bob hairstyle with these quick tricks. After washing and towel drying, use a styling gel, mousse or defrizz serum (which ever is the best product for your hair type) along with a dab of hair gloss or shine. Work it into the roots and bringing it out to the ends. Lift your hair up at the roots with a large round brush and then curl it under as you blow dry it. When your hair is completely dry, tease the portion of hair at the crown, give it a little hair spray and then smooth over the top using a flat brush. Finish with a light to medium hair spray to seal the deal.

To add a more finished look to your bob hair style, use a large barrel curling iron, or flat iron that is round (ghd Hair Straightener) and curl the sides under. Start with 2 inch sections and bring them as high as you can lift them. Curl under. After releasing the curling iron, brush the curls down and spray. If this is too curly, bring the hair up only half way. This will make the curl less tight. Finish with a light hair spray to keep the fly-aways tame.

Here are some more bob hair style pictures:

Bob hair style

Bob Hairstyle

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Bob Hairstyle

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