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How do I get a flattering, healthy glow with blush?

blush and brush

Blush is the key to warming up a face, or adding life to any skin tone, no matter how dark. It is not necessary, however, if you are planning to add color to your lips or eyes, but always an option. Depending on the desired look, some celebrity makeup artists choose to omit it all together to add drama to a strong lip or eye look. But most of the time it is used to give a look of health and vitality to the celebrity. If you decide to use it, be sure not to choose clownish colors or paint on war-paint stripes. It has the power to either make or break a face, so proceed with caution…


The most important factor when buying this product is choosing a natural looking color. This decision must be based on your skin tone. Makeup artists tend to choose subdued neutrals rather than bright pink or red. If you wear a stronger lip color, be sure to apply a paler one. For the most natural color possible, pinch your cheeks and match this color. We do not usually recommend cream or gel blushers to anyone because they can make skin look greasy and are harder to blend. But if you are looking for one to go with a “dewy foundation look” gel blushes are the best bet.


Makeup artists never use the small brush that comes in the compact, unless, perhaps they are going for the war-paint look for the runway. Makeup artists usually recommend using a big fluffy makeup brush to blend the color in circular motions over the apples of cheeks (smile to find them). Be sure to give the brush a flick before applying it to your face to remove excess. Blend and brush it until there are no tell-tale lines. Your goal should be to achieve a healthy glow. If you apply too much color, simply apply a thin layer of loose or pressed powder to subdue it. To be sure you do not get it in your hair, dust powder by your hairline and then brush away when done.

Pretty Looks

blush and brush

The California Girl: The base of this look is a tanned skin. This can either be a layer of self tanner, or a light dusting of bronzing powder. (We do not promote sun tanning or tanning beds). Then suck in your cheeks and apply bronzing powder under your cheek bones. The bronzing powder should be one shade darker than your tanned base. Then smile and apply a very pale or baby pink color, in circular motions, all over the apples of the cheeks, and right over the bronzing powder under your cheekbones. You may also wish to lightly brush blush over your forehead, down your nose and on your chin for a sun-kissed look.

The Snow Bunny: This look seeks to recreate a “just in from the snow” face. Give the skin a matte finish with translucent loose powder. Then smile and brush the color in circles on apples of the cheeks only (not under the cheekbones). Use either a delicate pink one or a light veil of a rosy-colored one. Finish this look with a same colored lip stain to offset the matte skin. A variation of this look is to substitute a pale pink or rosy colored gel for the powder.

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