Blue Light Therapy

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How can blue light therapy help heal acne?

This acne treatment regimen uses high intensity blue lights to illuminate the areas of the skin affected by acne, and kill the bacteria under skin where acne starts, leaving the normal skin untouched. ClearLight is the most common brand name of this acne treatment. You will lie comfortably under the light, while wearing protective eyewear, for eight 15 minute sessions within a four week period. There is no downtime, pain or known side effects, (although the treatment is relatively new, as it was only approved by the FDA in 2002 and therefore any potential long term side effects are unknown). This treatment can be successful for mild to moderate inflammatory acne, and in some cases for severe acne.

The treatment can provide long term skin-clearing results (lasting for four months or longer). Bluelight acne treatment therapy can be used on the face, chest, back or anywhere else acne may reside.

The treatment has had better success than typical acne treatments prescribed for mild to moderate acne, such as antibiotics and topical acne medications.

The average cost per treatment is between $50 and $150 with the average cost of all eight acne treatments totaling $800.00. Most insurance companies consider this a cosmetic treatment and therefore will not cover the cost.

The blue light treatments usually offer the option of using Levulan in conjunction with the light therapy. Levulan is a topical medicine that is left on the skin for about 40 minutes before the light therapy treatment. This medicine assists the light in killing the bacteria and is said to maximize your results. The Levulan may cause the price of the acne treatment to go up and may also result in skin that is pink or slightly scabby immediately following treatment but this will subside in a day or two.

Blue light therapy is also known as acne light therapy, clear light therapy, or photodynamic therapy (PDT).

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