Blow Dry Perfector Kit Review

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Blow Dry Perfector Kit

The Blow Dry Perfecter Kit Mission: Get a shiny bouncy look for my mangled, messy long highlighted and color-treated blonde hair.

The Blow Dry Perfector Kit Product: Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector : 2 Step Smoothing Kit

My Typically Zany Yet Educational Experience: Before I describe my review I must first explain that my hair is blonde color-treated, with lighter blond highlights, and if not cared for properly can get a little frizzy from this heavy processing. My hair is also incredibly thick. My hair had also recently been tangling frequently. On the back of the package it says the product is safe for color-treated hair, but on the side of the package it says it is not to be used on damaged or highlighted hair. My hair is all of the above. I did not read the small print on the side panel and because of what it said on the back of box thought I was safe going into this. Always do a strand test or you may end up with a head full of straw or hair that falls out.

It probably didn’t help that I had been sporting me some Ke$ha-inspired hair on trips to the gas station… (Wake up with crazy hair, throw sunglasses on and go). So I found this product intriguing. My tangling, “sloppy-chic “, unmanageable hair could use some help. On top of all this, the shampoo I had been using had been making my hair feel sticky. I got sick of feeling like my hair was a big bird’s nest waiting to happen so I layered it around the sides and back, creating angled chunks, but keeping the length. My hair is about six inches past my shoulders and this haircut allows me to have to devote less time to blow drying and styling. I chopped a lot of dead hair which gave the new layered look a healthy, bouncy, shape. I wanted to top off my new healthier look with shine and sleekness.

So when I saw this green colored package titled Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector, on the shelf of my Stop and Shop hair color aisle I was intrigued to say the least. It is a “patented innovation” which promised to tame my frizz, make my hair stay smooth and shiny and give me easier, faster blow dries. The main selling point? The box said that the results are said to last for up to seven shampoos. The product also promises bouncier blow dries. The product is not a relaxer or straightener and can be used on color-treated hair. The product contains a 20-Min Smooth-It Serum, formulated with a protein building block, found naturally in hair which makes it smoother and more manageable. Heat-Activated Perfecting Cream, seals in the moisture and creates a weightless humidity-resistant barrier to frizz. You then blow dry or style as you normally do and your hair should feel smoother, sleeker and bouncier.

I shampooed my hair, towel dried and then applied the first step, the 20-Min Smooth-It Serum. My immediate reaction to the serum was that it was very runny and smelled horrible, to put it mildly. It is no worse however, and actually quite similar to the smell you remember from getting a permanent wave, depending on your age. The only reason it smells bad is because it contains active ingredients. I cupped my hand with the serum in it and squeezed it into my towel dried hair and then combed through my strands with a wide toothed comb to make sure the product was fully absorbed by my hair shaft. I put a towel around my shoulders to protect my clothes. I set a cooking timer for 20 minutes. When the time was up I rinsed off the product, towel dried and then smoothed the Perfect-It cream which smelled like apples. I then combed that through my hair and blow dried it.

The Blow Dry Perfector Kit Review: After a few minutes of blow drying my hair suddenly felt, thick, compliant, bouncy, beautiful. Like it’s never felt before. And this feeling will last for 7 shampoos? Hair jack pot! My hair looks considerably decent without a straightening iron but with one and some styling…Woah! It’s kind of like a gloss, but light, fewer tangles, shorter blow dries, and less styling and product necessary. Amazing hair for only 11.99? Get thee to the hair color aisle. I actually flipped it, straightened it and curled it and caught myself running through the house saying, “My hair is beautiful”. But now that I've read the side panel I am worried about using this product frequently because of my high lights. Remember to do a strand test. I may wait until my highlights grow out before I use the product again.

The Blow Dry Perfector Kit Product Rating: A-

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