The Very Best of Beauty

Or, I'm a beauty junkie who hates beauty junk!

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What is the best of beauty? I'm tired of wasting my money on beauty garbage! What really works?


Looking for the best foundations, mascaras, or concealers? You've found them! This is a list of our "Best Of" pages. All products on this list are either used by celebrities like Jewel, award-winning, or considered the best in the industry! So no more wasting money or false hope! You can count on our website for featuring only the very best of beauty!

What makes a product "the best" in its line? Of course, this changes with everyone you talk to. What works well on someone else maybe all wrong for you. This is the reason there are so many products to choose from. All skin types, skin colors, hair types and hair colors are a very individual thing. Be fussy when choosing a new product. Read the label carefully. You may have to try several before you find the right one for you. Remember you are a unique individual and you're not alone. We all are!

Here are some products we think are the best on the market today.

Best Acne Products

Learn which acne products celebrities are using. Reviews and compares non-prescription acne products such as Proactiv Solution, Murad Acne Complex, etc.

Best Acne Treatments

Wondering what causes acne? Learn what the best treatments are for mild, moderate and severe acne. In this celebrity skin secret article you'll discover all the latest techniques for getting clear skin.

Best Anti Wrinkle Creams

Which anti wrinkle creams do celebrities use? Find out which cream is used by Shakira, Cindy Crawford, and Halle Berry! Anti aging cosmetic improvement without surgery.

Best Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Find out which anti wrinkle treatments are available through your dermatologist or physician. Discover celebrity skin secrets like laser treatments, fillers and injectables, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, retinoids, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy acids. This celebrity skin secret article also reveals how celebrities prevent and treat wrinkles

Best Blushes

Which are the best blushes to give you a healthy glow.

Best Bronzers

Which are the best bronzers available? Find out which bronzers Paris Hilton wears, or Charlise Terron, or Jessica from the Pussy Cat Dolls!

Best Concealers

We tell you what the best concealers on the market are and which ones celebrities are using!

Best Foundations

We reveal which foundations are considered the very best in the beauty industry. Learn which foundation is good for acne, anti-aging, darker skins, pale skins and more!

Best Mascaras

We reveal which mascaras celebrities use and which mascaras have won awards. Get your thickest, longest lashes possible. We even tell you which mascara is clump-proof!

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