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What makes a mascara one of the best mascaras available?

Inimitable Mascara

We all want the same thing from a mascara. Whether your a celebrity or not, we all want our eyes to be mesmerizing. Mascara contributes to the overall look by framing out your eyes. Lashes with mascara make your eyes POP! So what do you look for in a “best mascara”?

First, no clumps! A mascara that clumps your eyelashes all together does not look natural. And, the worst part is all day little pieces of mascara will fall in your eyes, which can be very painful, especially if you wear contacts. Always look for clump free on the label.

Second, length. A mascara that not only coats your lashes but adds a little length to them will add some drama to your overall look.

Third, separate. You want your mascara to separates your lashes, make them feathery looking, exactly like nature does.

Here are the mascara's that have been choosen as "best" in recent surveys:



According to People Magazine, Inimitable by Chanel is Jennifer Aniston's "Star Secret Weapon". She loves it so much that she had it flown in from Paris after using it for the Oscars.

Christian Dior

Diorshow Mascara

Cheyenne Kimball’s favorite mascara is Christian Dior’s Diorshow Mascara. She says that this mascara is amazing because it doesn’t get clumpy and it gives her lashes a “nice, feathery look”. She said it was recommended to her by a makeup artist and she’s been using it ever since.


High Definition Lashes

This mascara is an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award Winner for 2006. The magazine gushed, that this mascara “delivers the inky, coquettish look we love and offers a built in lash comb, so we can keep ‘flirty’ from devolving into ‘floozy’.” How could we paraphrase that and do it justice? The magazine recommends this as“night” mascara.

Cover Girl Lash

Exact Mascara

This best mascara is another Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award Winner for 2006. Queen Latifa uses Lash Exact Mascara by CoverGirl (she is the spokeswoman) because of its "patent-pending moldtrusion brush technology." What this means in English, is that each bristle on the brush is spaced evenly with no variation so that it separates lashes better than traditional mascara wands. Many consumers who've reviewed it love the way it separates their lashes, and use it as a "base coat" or "primer" to separate lashes, and then add lengthening or thickening mascara over it as a top coat. Because it makes lashes look so natural because of the lack of clumps and gook, Allure Magazine recommends it as“day” mascara.


LashLacquer Mascara/Topcoat

Katherine Heigl had long and thick lashes on the Emmy red carpet thanks to DuWops's LashLacquer which is a two-step, double-sided Best Mascara. The formula on one side thickens and the other adds length.



This best mascara is an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Reader’s Choice Award Winner 2006 and 2007 . This mascara does a superb job of separating and defining each and every lash! And it never clumps!



Celebrity makeup artist Eva Scrivo likes to build up multiple thin coats with Lancome Hypnose Mascara, letting each coat dry before the next one. This Best Mascara makes your lashes big and thick. Check out this review from Kim on “I should be a spokesperson for Lancome because I refer this product to everyone when they talk about my beautiful, thick lashes. I recently went into (a store) and a saleswoman was trying to get me to buy their mascara. That day I didn’t have any on, so I told her that I already had a product that would make her go shop at Lancome. I told her to stand on the side of me while I applied it. She was in shock. "Oh my gosh-Look at how your lashes just grew! She had me stop while she grabbed another store clerk and a customer. She went on break and we walked to the Lancome counter and she bought some right then!”


Lash Architect 3-D Dramatic Mascara

Paula Begoun, the Cosmetic Cop raves about this mascara on her “buyer beware” beauty site, She says that this Best Mascara “is amazing mascara! Talk about long, thick lashes. With just a few strokes you can actually look like you’re wearing false eyelashes. As enthusiastic as I am about this one, there is one downside: It can be clumpy and uneven, and has a tendency to flake (though not smear) during the day, especially if you over-apply, which is easy to do because it builds length so fast.”


L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

I, Sara Liz, co-founder of this website, have used L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara since the early 90’s and have had to share my secret with many enquiring minds who were wondering if I was wearing false eyelashes! This Best Mascara is an inexpensive, quality, thickening mascara. With so many great mascaras, it’s no wonder that L’Oreal and Lancome are sister companies!


Pro Lash Mascara

Cosmetic Cop Paula Begoun from gives her highest rating to this best mascara. She says, it “is in a league all its own! This home-run mascara builds dramatic thickness and length while being only slightly difficult to control. It's almost too easy to over-apply this mascara, so be sure to exercise some restraint to avoid a heavy, clumped appearance. Otherwise, you will be impressed at how quickly this revs up your lashes!”


Zoom Lash Mascara

Paula Begoun from also gives this Best Mascara her highest rating. M.A.C.’s website says, “This instant volume mascara power-lifts the lashes into length, curls them up...builds them faster than you can wink!”


Great Lash Mascara

This celebrity makeup artist classic staple is an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Reader’s Choice Award Winner for 2006 and 2007. The classic pink and green tube signifies the “old faithful” of the Best Mascara world! It’s a drugstore steal!

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