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Here are some of the best Beauty Tips available:

Carrie Underwood

Best Hair Tips

Best Makeup Tips

Best Nail Tips

Best Skin Tips

Tip of the Month:

Eyelid eczema can make the skin between your eye and eyebrow look red, inflamed and scaly. While a dermatologist is your best bet, if you don't have insurance, try these tricks: Wash your face with a non-comedogenic, non-allergenic cleanser such as Cetaphil or Aveeno. After washing the area, apply a non-comedogenic, non-allergenic moisturizer by Cetaphil, Aveeno, or Burt's Bees. For special occasions, use cortisone, such as Cortisone 10 to make the area look even better but don't do this often because it is a steroid that can thin the skin. Don't itch the area, use a wet wash cloth to gently rub it instead. You may need to experiment to see if you use products that exacerbate the condition. For example, try baby shampoo instead of your regular shampoo for a week and see if your eczema improves.

Best Nail Tips

Here are some great tips for your nails:
Beauty Tip: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Britney Spears are fans of Hard Candy Nail Enamel. This nail enamel is famous for its fun colors that mix in fun effects like glitter, iridescence and pearlized finishes. Here you can find baby pinks and robins' egg blues.
Beauty Tip: Contrary to the television commercials of just a few years ago, soaking your nails in dishwashing liquid will only ruin them. So do not soak in it!

Beauty Tip: As stated above, dish-washing liquid is damaging to nails, so be sure to wear rubber gloves when doing dishes. You can also wear these for any other type of activity that can potentially damage your nails, like cleaning out the garage.

Beauty Tip: The smartest length for nails is to not grow them past ¼ inch. Any longer of a length will break easier.

french manicure

Beauty Tip: You may not know this beauty tip. Do not wear dark nail colors often. To do so will cause the tips to yellow. Always apply a base coast under dark colors.

Beauty Tip: If your nail tips are yellow, use a white pencil to color the underside of the tips, or get a French manicure. Do not dip the tips in bleach. While the tips will get whiter, they will also break off within a couple of days.

Beauty Tip: Be sure that you and your manicurist keep all nail tools sanitary. This is an important beauty tip to remember.

Beauty Tip: The bottom line is that adding anything artificial to your nails, besides polish (after a base coat, of course), will weaken them over the long run. It is best to let your natural nails grow and always wear a base coat and maybe some polish for protection. Beauty Tip: If you want the latest technology in your nail-strengthening polish, try No More Breaks by Sally Hansen. This product contain unique combinations of ingredients in strong concentrations. It not only strengthens the nails but actually moisturizes them as well and can make the nails look better.

Beauty Tip: Many do not realize that nails need a balance. If you keep hardening and hardening them with coats and coats of product, they can snap easily. If you moisturize them regularly, they will be hard to prevent chips, yet flexible to prevent snaps. Try a heavy duty moisturizing cream like Eucerin.

Beauty Tip: To prevent chips, swoosh a little polish under your nail tips to “wrap” the paint job around the entire nail. This creates padding at the nail tip to protect against chips, and prevents the white of nails showing at the tip prematurely.

Beauty Tip: “Fine” emery boards don’t tear nails no matter how delicate. They are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores.

Beauty Tip: You should let nails rest for 2 to 3 days between manicures to let your nails recover.

Beauty Tip: If you have cuticles that wont’ budge, loosen them up with Creative Nail Design's AHA Cuticle Eraser (available at It takes on the toughest!

Beauty Tip: Here's another great nail beauty tip. If your nail tips have turned yellow, you can apply white vinegar to them.

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Best Makeup Tips

Here are some great makeup beauty tips:

Beauty Tip: Stella McCartney and Yasmin Le Bon are big fans of Urban Decay's Lip Gunk. This gloss is described as "the richest, shiniest, sexiest stuff for your lips". It comes in a variety of colors that either shimmer or sparkle. These celebrity favorites are also flavored and scented!

Beauty Tip: Brighten your eyes and look wide-eyed with a shimmery soft metallic eye pencil. Line the inner corners of your eyes, the lash line or the brow bone. Try a pearly pink pencil such as Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Me Pink (, $18), or N.Y.C. New York Miss Sparkle Highlighter Pencil (2.99)which is a shimmery white.

Beauty Tip: For clump-free separated lashes try the new eyelash comb mascaras. Try L'Oreal Volume Shocking 2-Step Volume Construction Mascara ($12.95, drugstores). It has a primer on one side and a thickening mascara on the other. The spaces between the comb are wide so more mascara is applied to lashes then usual for a thicker appearance.

Beauty Tip: If you are blonde, or have light eyebrows, there is something you can do to look more attractive instantly! You should darken your eyebrows slightly with either an eyebrow pencil or powder. Many blondes don’t, and when they finally try it, they are amazed at the difference that accentuating their eyebrows makes! Makeup artists often will give their blonde celebrity clients a light-browed look for a daytime event and a dark-browed look for a dramatic evening look. Be sure to apply eyebrow pencil with soft, feathery strokes and use a shade in the blonde family to look natural. Try Maybeline Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencil in Blonde.

Beauty Tip: If you are red-haired, you may want to know that celebrity makeup artists often use an auburn eyebrow pencil on their red-haired clients during the daytime and a light brown eyebrow enhancer at night. Try Maybeline Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencil in Auburn for day and in Light Brown for night.

Beauty Tip: Brunettes should have no trouble finding an eyebrow enhancer. Just remember to keep it soft, like a medium brown. Any darker is too severe, even for midnight-haired lasses. Try Maybeline Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencil in Light Brown. Makeup artists tend to agree that black haired gals usually look best with a dark brown brow enhancer rather than a black one, which could look too severe.

Beauty Tip: Wondering what eye shadow and liner color looks good on almost all skin tones? Think PURPLE!
Experts say soft shades like lilac and violet are an easy way to add some pleasing color to your eye lid or when used as liner, especially if you’ve been wearing lots of neutral shades. The darker shades of purple can come out at night to give your eyes a more dramatic impact.

Beauty Tip: If you wish to apply a sheerer foundation for a change, and you do not wish to invest money on a second one, do like celebrity makeup artists do, and simply mix the foundation with the moisturizer in your hand, adding more moisturizer/foundation, until you get the consistency you want. (This trick works only for liquid foundations).

When using mineral blush start with very little and then tap off all excess. Using a round blush brush, dust your cheek area lightly. With fewer additives then regular pressed blush very little is needed to give you a healthy glow.


Beauty Tip: If you wish to be creative with your lipsticks, and invent new colors, as a true makeup “artist” will often do, you can combine colors in the palm of your hand. If you like the shade, buy a small vitamin box (available at some drugstores). Cut off pieces of each color from the tube and mix together in the box with a tiny spatula or any flat tool. Apply the newly created color with your lip brush. Makeup artists tend to invent tools as they go along and often carry many “makeshift makeup tools” in their makeup bag.

Beauty Tip: If you have excess facial hair that you do not wish to remove, or if you want to lighten your eyebrows, try a cream bleach, such as Jolen, available in most drug stores. It will lighten your facial hair to a very pale blonde. If you’re lightening your eyebrows, keep checking what color the bleach has brought your brows up to. If you keep it on too long, your eyebrows will end up blonde. If your brows do end up too light, apply eyebrow pencil in soft feathery strokes to fill them in, or use an eye-shadow sparingly. In his instructional makeup how-to book, “Making Faces”, celebrity makeup artist Kevin Aucoin used a lightened brow on models of all different hair colors, even dark brown! Be very careful anytime you use bleach and never bleach your eyelashes!

Beauty Tip: If you are Asian, African-American, or have a skin shade that is hard to match, and can’t find a good shade at the drug store, you may want to check out celebrity super-model Iman’s line of cosmetics. This line is devoted to matching ethnic skin tones. Visit Many makeup artists recommend her realistic foundation shades.

Beauty Tip: Here is a little known celebrity makeup artist tip: If you wish to wake up your eyes, try applying foundation all over, even on the lids, being sure to blend extremely well. Apply sparingly. Immediately set with powder to avoid creases and sliding. Benefit’s Lemon Aid is a yellow-based concealer designed especially for this purpose. Visit

Beauty Tip: If you have light to medium skin, you may have yellow undertones to your skin color. A foundation that looks too yellow in the jar may look very natural when on the skin. Celebrity makeup artists do not let yellow scare them away. Test foundations by painting a stripe onto your jaw and walking outside with a mirror.

Beauty Tip: If foundation seems to slide right off your face, celebrity dermatologists and makeup artists recommend using an oil-absorbing product, such as Seban Solution Facial Oil Inhibitor from Cabot Labs, under your foundation, Apply it to grease prone areas like your nose, forehead, chin, or your whole face, if need be. Visit to purchase.

Beauty Tip: If your foundation seems to completely disappear during the day, set it in the morning with loose powder. If you need to, touch it up with pressed powder (it is of course, not practical to carry around loose powder). If your makeup still disappears, you may need to apply a lot of loose powder and really press it on with the puff. Then brush away the excess with a large makeup brush. Some makeup artists will brush the loose powder on the face with a large makeup brush and boycott the puff, as the puff can make the face look “too finished” for natural light.

Beauty Tip: Do not reapply makeup over faded makeup. Your face will look caked-on. Instead, keep a box of unscented baby wipes in your bathroom or purse, and use them to remove old makeup before reapplication. Do not use them as a substitute for washing your face, no matter how tired you are. Many makeup artists carry baby wipes in their makeup artist bag. Many celebrities don’t go anywhere without their makeup artists, so they can have makeup touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Can you imagine? Model Janice Dickinson even brought her makeup artist to her reality television show. If you just can't be bothered with makeup touch-ups try a long wearing foundation, such as CBSG's all-time favorite, Revlon ColorStay Foundation with the new ingredient "Softflex", which is truly miraculous and stays put for up to 12 hours.

Beauty Tip: There are several things you can do to make your lips look fuller without lip-liner or cosmetic surgery. The first is to apply Vaseline to your lips before bed. Then, take a clean toothbrush and gently tap your lips before dozing off. When you wake up, wash the Vaseline off your lips, brush your lips with the toothbrush and your lips should be temporarily “plumped”. You can do this every night before bed. The other trick is to purchase Lip Plump by Benefit. It is a flesh-colored primer which “smoothes and fills in lines while it builds up the contours of the lips”. Visit But the absolute best product for plumping lips according to most celebrities and makeup artists alike (and endorsed by the most celebrities) is LipFusion.

Beauty Tip: You can make your nose look slimmer without looking “contoured”. The trick is to not “traditionally” contour it with a white stripe of foundation down the middle, and a darker shade on the sides, but to use something new and different. Purchase High Beam, available from Benefit (visit This is a unique highlighter, which plays tricks with light to give you your most flattering look and is a pinkish hue, making it a much more natural-looking highlighter for the center of the nose. Simply blend the product down the middle of your nose. Blend extremely well with a small makeup brush. Do not worry about the sides of your nose, this product is all you need. You may even be able to wear it outside and look believable, depending on your complexion. Try it! Makeup artists need an arsenal of different tips to utilize as they have to make their work harmonize with an innumerable amount of lighting conditions.

Beauty Tip: If you can’t stand any discomfort when plucking your brows, try preparing the area with an over-the-counter topical anesthetic like Ambesol.

Beauty Tip: To make a lipstick shade lighter and more opaque, makeup artists often apply a thin layer of concealer. on lips first. They then apply lipstick with a lip brush and blend. To turn a creamy lipstick into a matte one, place a tissue over the lips, and apply loose powder to the tissue over the lips. Makeup artists are not afraid to mix and recycle products, or to try them out for untraditional uses.

Beauty Tip: Do you know this great beauty tip? Everyone should apply foundation in the direction that the tiny hairs on their face grow in, for a smoother finish. Makeup artists usually apply foundation to the face with a cosmetic wedge, and they tend to sweep it toward the hair line

Beauty Tip: To fill in fine lines on skin (shallow wrinkles) makeup artists apply a cream concealer to the tip of an eyeliner brush and carefully fill in wrinkles. If you use too much, you will only intensify the lines, so apply lightly. Be sure to match skin tone with concealer or apply foundation over lines. You can also fill in the wrinkles with egg whites.

Beauty Tip: To alter the shape of your mouth, line your lips with a beige pencil. Your natural lip-line has a lightness right above it that you can create the illusion of, with the beige pencil, so it looks more natural when blended well, than darker lip-liner. This is a popular trick celebrity makeup artists use when creating a day look.

Beauty Tip: This little known beauty tip can save the day. If you have a pimple that is so red that it can’t be covered with concealer, try using a green “base”. Physician’s Formula sells one called Wanderful Wand Brightening Concealer. Apply it sparingly to the pimple. Makeup artists will typically apply a very thin veil with a concealer brush and then build (lightly layer) the area with as little product as needed. The green works even harder than yellow-based concealers to counteract red, by the addition of blue tones. Apply your foundation over it, being sure the green is thoroughly blended and does not show through. Finish with powder.

Beauty Tip: Your eyes can make or break your look, so if you get that “ugly” feeling, check them first. If they look tired, use 2 spoons dipped in ice water to put over your eyes to wake them up and reduce under-eye puffiness. You may also try cold cucumbers, raw potato slices, and cool tea bags. You can also keep 2 teething rings in your freezer. Another way to wake up your eyes in a hurry is to use an eyelash curler. If you don't have one handy you can substitute the back of a spoon for an eyelash curler by pressing its curve against your lashes when your eye is open. If you try all these tricks, and still feel “ugly”, pull your hair back in a ponytail for an “instant face lift”. Ponytails aren’t just for “sports wear” days. Feel free to wear a ponytail with glamorous makeup and a classy outfit if you wish. You can also try variations on the ponytail by keeping hair in either the front of your face or in the back hanging free. You will still have that “instant face lift” look.

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Best Hair Tips

Here are some great hair tips:

Lisa Kudrow

Are you bothered by static hair this winter? Dry heat, which causes your hair to lose its natural moisture, as well as knitted hats and scarves, can cause your hair to stand on end. Here are some tips you can use to help the situation. Spray your natural bristle brush with a little hairspray, then brush your hair starting at the roots and pull it through to your ends. You can also try a deep conditioning once a week, as well as using a silk pillowcase.

One of this falls more flattering hairstyle is the asymmetry bob. With it’s extremely angled sides and full front this style looks good on lots of face shapes. After washing, simply use some volumizer at the roots and blow dry with a round brush and lift as you dry.

Beauty Tip: What hair product was used on Lisa Kudrow's lightened hair to keep it healthy-looking during her “Friends” days? It is Potion 9 by Sebastian, and it is in our opinion, the ultimate product for silky, shiny hair. This product contains highly concentrated conditioners and makes even damaged hair look healthy and shiny. Since it is on the cutting edge of salon technology, it doubles as a leave-in conditioner and styling product, so you can have the best of both worlds. It is found in salons nationwide and now is available in select drug and discount department stores.

Beauty Tip: Want the latest technology in your hair care for healthy, shiny hair? Try Ojon Hair Styling Cream ($25,

Beauty Tip: Be careful when using styling products. Read the instructions first and use the smallest amount called for as a test. You may need more or less, but applying too much will make your hair look oily, unwashed and even dirty. If you do apply too much and have no time for a fresh wash, pull it all back and pretend you were going for the slicked back look. Don’t try using dry shampoo, it will just clump up and look even worse. Remember, more of a “good thing” isn’t always best.

Beauty Tip: What's hot in hair color right now? Brunette hair is back, but this time around, caramel highlights are all the rage.

Beauty Tip: For hot-right-now hairstyles, you might want to try a side part. Hairstylists say that this hair style flatters any face shape. Try a diagonal side part, by parting the hair at the front of the head at the side and then dragging the comb toward the center of your head at the back. Also hot right now is a half-up-do. Part your hair in the middle of your head from side to side so that your bangs hang flat in the front. Side swept bangs look best with this look. Then tease the hair at the back of your head to give it a Bardot-esque lift. Pin the teased hair up and then let the hair in the back and the sides hang down. Curl the ends for extra retro drama and be sure to don a few coats of mascara to complete the mod-romantique effect.

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to fine or thin, look for shampoos with polyquaterniums, hydrolyzed proteins and copolymers. Look for conditioners with carbomers, proteins and amino acids. Use conditioners weekly or daily if the hair is dry,

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to course, thick, color-treated, permed, or damaged, look for shampoos with hydrolyzed proteins ending with –methicone. Look for conditioners with panthenol, proteins, and words ending with –cone. Use conditioners daily, if desired, (on alternate days, wet the hair instead of shampooing).

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to fine or thin, select styling aids with water, resins and copolymers (often in aerosol sprays) and the words firm, high or maximum hold. Use sparingly.

Beauty Tip: If your hair is normal to course, thick, color-treated, permed or damaged, select styling aids with silicone, oils, resins, plant mucilage (often in styling lotions, shine sprays and pomades) and the words gentle or moisturizing. Use sparingly.

Beauty Tip: Here's a great beauty tip - To be rid of fly-aways, rub a wire coat hanger across your hair, gently, or for more serious cases, rub a fabric softening sheet on your brush bristles. Use moisturizing products.

Beauty Tip: To be rid of hat hair, make finger curls with the long hair on top of your head, which the hat will be sitting on, by coiling hair around the fingers and clipping. When you get to your destination, take off the hat and uncoil the curls. Your hair will not be flat but will have soft waves instead.

Beauty Tip: If you forgot to wash your hair, but have to go somewhere, and it feels oily, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the scalp and then brush through the hair, being sure that it is no longer visible on the head. This is referred to as a dry-shampoo and should be used only in emergency situations. The talcum powder will absorb the oil. Wash your hair when you come home that day. A great trick for last minute invitations!

Beauty Tip: If your hair is oily or feels oily, after shampooing give it a vinegar or lemon rinse (lemon will smell better). Combine one part vinegar or lemon juice to 4 parts warm water and pour on the scalp. Rinse it out well. If your hair is chronically oily, do this once a week

Beauty Tip: Make your last rinse a cool one. This will help seal the cuticle, so that the hair will absorb more light and will shine more.

Beauty Tip: When your hair is in rollers, before taking the rollers out, blast them with cool air from your blow-dryer. This will help the curl hold longer.

Beauty Tip: Do not brush hair that has just been curled with rollers. Instead, use a pick. Pick from underneath to make curls springier and to give hair more body.

Beauty Tip: If you run out of conditioner you may use your facial moisturizer until you get a new one (basic moisturizers only, not ones with harsh "treatment ingredients" like AHAs, retinoids or anti acne ingredients). Do not, however, use your conditioner as a facial moisturizer, it may irritate your skin. You may also use conditioner if you run out of shaving cream.

Beauty Tip: To make your hair glisten beyond what shine enhancers can do, ask your salon if they give cellophane treatments. A gloss is applied to the hair which remains on the hair shaft for up to 6 weeks, before a new treatment is needed.

Beauty Tip: If you need to apply hair color to only certain sections of the hair, there are tools available at Sally’s Beauty Supply that resemble paintbrushes, but are used to apply hair color. Visit for a store near you or to get more information.

Beauty Tip: If you suffer from serious dandruff and medicated shampoos cause bad reactions or rashes for you, ask for a prescription for a shampoo with 2% ketoconazole, which effectively treats dandruff without side effects.

Beauty Tip: What is the favorite brand of hair brushes among celebrities, and top hair stylists? It is Mason Pearson.

Beauty Tip: If you desire an easy wet-look for the beach, try Phyto ProSculpting Gel to achieve a wet effect without stiffness. This product is available at

Beauty Tip: If you would like the fullness that teasing gives you without the damage, try the Tap Teaser. It is now a very hard to find product but there is a limited quantity available at

Beauty Tip: If you’ve been looking for ages for a hair-spray that does not feel like it could repel stray bullets, look no further. Both Rave Microspray and Pantene Hairspray hold hair while keeping it touchable.

Beauty Tip: If you would like to make your face appear slimmer without using makeup, tell your hair stylist to cut your hair in a style that “frames your face”. Then, when styling your hair, brush or curl most of the hair in front and on the sides forward, so it covers some of the width of your face. It is also helpful to give your hair more volume, as discussed earlier, or to curl or wave your hair. By giving your hair a fuller appearance, you are de-emphasizing the fullness of your face.

Beauty Tip: If you have straight hair and notice that it never looks smooth because of little pieces of hair which seem to stick out in all directions, try using a combination of equal parts gel and pomade. Smooth the concoction on your hair in a downward motion. If that is not enough, you may want to “layer” products on your hair. Start out with a smoothing leave-in-conditioner like Potion 9 from Sebastian and then layer the gel and pomade concoction over that. As long as you do not apply any of the products to the top of your head, the layers of product should not cause any buildup problems. Also take note that your hair probably looks better on the day after you wash it because those little hairs have been tamed by the natural oils emitted from your scalp which slide down the strands.

Beauty Tip: If you have a nose that is larger than you’d like, you can minimize its appearance from the side by getting a hairstyle that “ frames your face”, and by styling it by directing the hair forward. Directing the hair forward will de-emphasize the size of your nose from the side. If your nose is wide, you can minimize its appearance by cutting fringy bangs which skim your eyebrows. A hairstyle with no bangs will only call more attention to a wide nose.

Beauty Tip: If you color your hair and it comes out too bright, massage a few drops of olive oil into your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo afterward.

Beauty Tip: If the pool turns your hair green, dissolve 10 aspirins in a warm cup of water and pour it over your hair. Leave this on for 5 minutes, being sure that the aspirin does not run into your eyes. Rinse your hair with cool water.

Beauty Tip: If your gray roots seem to have grown back in a hurry, and there is no time to color right away, buy a box of chalk with a color that closely matches your dyed hair color. Do not use crayon, it does not come out. You can also buy sticks at Sally Beauty Supply stores that are meant to color roots temporarily. Try Claudia Stevens Root Touch Up which rolls on or Tween Time Temporary Hair Color Touch-Up Stick which is applied like a lipstick. These come in a variety of shades. They are good for those in-between coloring times. If your roots are another color besides gray, your best option for a quick between coloring root touch-up is Clairol Root Touch-Up which can be used with any hair color.

Beauty Tip: Here are some hot tips for women and girls of color!

  • Jojoba oil slicks hair back for ponytails very well!
  • Deep conditioning is very important, because the hair can become brittle without it.
  • Air dry your hair as often as possible to prevent blow dryer damage.
  • Use a paddle brush for extra control over your hairstyle.
  • Only allow professionals who specialize in the service to do a weave, as an amateur may not secure the hair enough.
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Best Skin Tips

Dsisy Fuentes

Here are some great skin tips:

Tip for your skin: Here's a great beauty tip - If you have an acne blemish that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you have a big event coming up, visit a dermatologist and have the doctor give you a cortisone injection. The blemish should be gone within 48 hours.

Tip for your skin: If you have acne or suffer from breakouts, be sure to change your pillow case regularly, as the bacteria on it can aggravate the condition.

Tip for your skin: If you have extremely dry skin you may want to use a night-time moisturizer. In picking one out, follow the same rules outlined in the ‘Moisturizers’ section of Celebrity Skin and choose one for dry skin. Severely dry skins or Accutane patients may want a humidifier for the bedroom.

Tip for your skin: All skin types should try to go without makeup for as often as possible, because makeup interferes with skins’ repairing process. Think of it as allowing your skin to breathe. You must also select makeup products that are not harmful to your skin type. If you have a weekend with nothing to do, go without makeup and drink a lot of water to help your skin heal.

Tip for your skin: If you have acne that you perceive as severe, but your dermatologist says it is not, you may want a second opinion, or you could waste your time on ho-hum medications when you should be on Accutane. Accutane actually shrinks your oil glands. Accutane has many side effects and risks, however. If you would rather not go this route you may consider blue-light therapy which kills the bacteria under the skin. These two methods are the acne treatments most likely to clear severe acne once and for all. More moderate acne cases may fair well with a combination treatment method of the hormone-balancing birth control pill Orthotryclin (oral birth controls all carry risks so only take on the advice of a doctor), along with the exfoliating power of the anti acne skincare system Proactiv Solution.

Tip for your skin: Women of color should check the ingredient list on all skin care products they buy to be sure that they do not contain parabens. Parabens often cause allergic reactions on dark skin and should be avoided to prevent further skin problems.

Tip for your skin: This may surprise you, but stay away from your salon when it comes to skin care! Do not get salon facials, or other skin care services! They can actually do more harm then good. Some individuals can break out after salon facials, while others will have an allergic reaction. Besides, if you are willing to pay big money for your appearance, why go to a salon when you can go to a dermatologist, who holds a medical degree in skin care? Dermatologists use much better technology on the skin, and the skin is their main concern. Go to your salon for your hair and nails instead!

Tip for your skin: Are blackheads on your nose a problem? Simply use an exfoliation product, such as Proactiv Solution Renewing Cleanser (it contains finely-milled grains of benzol peroxide.) Scrub it on your nose for about a minute and then rinse. After a few times, your nose should look considerably better or completely clear. Do not buy any gadgets that “suck” out blackheads. They don’t work!

Tip for your skin: If you have embarrassing blemishes, scars, acne, or even tattoos on your face or body, which you would like to cover to go swimming, try a product called Dermablend. It completely covers all kinds of imperfections! Try the Cover Creme for your face and the Leg and Body Cover Creme for your body. It will not rub off and the best part is it’s water proof! Visit

Tip For Your Skin: Dry skin advice from Uma Thurman’s facialist, Lind Chan: Never use soap on your face! To remove makeup, oil and dirt use a soap free cream face cleanser (like Dove Deep Moisture Creamy Facial Cleanser) everyday. If your face feels tight after washing you are stripping away the natural oils needed to stay balanced and healthy looking.

Tip For Your Skin: To lessen the size and redness of a pimple, press an ice cube to it for about 5 minutes. You will then have an easier time putting concealer on it

Tip for your skin: For some people, eye drops meant for minimizing eye redness, such as Visine, also take the red out of pimples, instantly! Squeeze out a bit on a cotton swab and hold it against the blemish for 10 to 15 seconds, or until the redness disappears. Try it!

For Your Skin: If you can’t stand your freckles, you can make them less visible by applying a fading cream containing hydroquinone to the areas regularly. You can also consult your dermatologist for laser treatments or chemical peels if they really bother you. We personally think freckles can make you look cute. What is wrong with that?

For Your Skin: Don’t neglect the skin on your lips. During the cold winter months, remove the chapped, peeling skin by scrubbing it off with an old toothbrush and some Vaseline. Apply a heavy moisturizing lip conditioner afterwards. And always wear a lip balm with a sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

For Your Skin: A great system for treating mild acne (and some stronger forms) is ProActiv, which has been created by two dermatologists. There is a cleanser, toner, treatment lotion, a clay-based mask designed for treating acne, and an oil-free moisturizer with an SPF of 15,

For Your Skin: Beauty pageant contestants have been using Preparation H for years to firm up their skin. They put it under their, eyes, jaw-line, and puffy cheeks. They call it an “instant facelift” backstage at runway fashion shows. Many makeover artists will not do a makeover without it and many celebrities will not travel without it. The anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce puffiness immediately. While this home remedy is not recommended by dermatologists, products like Chanel Eye Correction Anti Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream and Ultima II Brighten Up Tighten Up, contain similar ingredients, and have been tested and found safe for use on the face, unlike Preparation H.

For Your Skin: It is never too early to start preventing wrinkles. Be a true sleeping beauty and sleep on a satin pillowcase. It prevents wrinkles and helps in the maintenance of a hairstyle.

For Your Skin: Ever watch the beginning of Mommie Dearest and marvel at the obsessive morning beauty ritual of old Hollywood screen siren Joan Crawford, as portrayed by Faye Dunaway? Well before you go mimicking Joan, it needs to be said that her extreme beauty session needs modifying. Some models and movie stars actually sleep with surgical tape on their faces (available at most pharmacies) to prevent wrinkles while they sleep. They tape an “X” between their eyebrows, just above their nose to keep the dreaded between-the-brow-furrow at bay. In the film Joan sleeps with surgical tape and bands “lifting” her facial skin and a sleep mask to ensure a quality beauty sleep. This is a bit much however. If you sleep with bands on your face you will not be comfortable and you will therefore not get a goodnight's sleep, which defeats the whole purpose of beauty sleep. The "X" between the eyebrows should not be uncomfortable, however, if you want to try that. Another extreme thing that Joan did was to plunge her face in ice. Instead of plunging your face in ice like Joan did, just splash your face with very cold water in the morning. This is a great way to perk up your appearance and temporarily tighten your skin.

For Your Skin: Fill your plate with foods for great skin. Eat plenty of blueberries, carrots, salmon, eggs, yams, mushrooms, and yogurt. And, as we have said many, many times, the perfect drink to go with ‘skin’ foods is water. Have we convinced you to drink water yet? If not, try to drink at least 6 glasses daily, for the next 14 days, and then maybe you will notice the huge difference that it makes in how you look and feel and you will want to keep guzzling it down. And anyone who has dry skin or lips needs to be drinking a ton of it! Check out Top Beautiful Skin Food List for more information on this subject.

For Your Skin: Do your pores tend to look large? Fear not. After cleansing your face, apply a toner to tighten them temporarily. Use only oil-free foundations to further minimize them. (Remember, the two rules about foundation: the color must match your skin exactly and you must blend, blend, blend.) For the finishing touch, apply loose powder, using a large puff, smoothing it in a downward direction.

For Your Skin: What if you are out of blemish cream when a huge one erupts? Calm your frazzled self and open your bathroom medicine cabinet. If you have either toothpaste (any kind but “gel”) or calamine lotion (used to treat poison ivy) you are in luck and can start treating that blemish right away. Apply it just like you would the regular cream you use.

For Your Skin: If you are serious about maintaining clear skin, sleep in a cool room. A room that is too hot can cause you to perspire. This increases oil production and can cause your skin’s pores to clog.

For Your Skin: Does your back and chest break out? Be sure to wash your body after you have rinsed both the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, so that you can wash off the oily residue that the products have left on your upper body. Be sure to wear clothing that allows the skin to “breathe”, like cotton. And if you must bare your back or chest to wear an evening dress or bathing suit, then don’t worry! You can use Dermablend, a product that was described in a previous tip, to hide every kind of flaw on your body.

For Your Skin: Do you wax or shave? If you wax, have it professionally done and do not do it just before or during your period. You are much too sensitive during this time. If you shave, always prepare the area with an anti-bacterial soap like Dial and water. Then, give the area a light scrub with a loofah to loosen dead skin cells which clog razors and to prevent tiny bumps from forming. Shave in the tub when the skin is soft and wet. Shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent in-grown hairs. When shaving the underarms, shave up and down, and sideways to get the smoothest shave possible. Do not stop shaving the bikini area during the winter months or the area will become overly sensitive and you will have to “break in” the area once again when summer returns. This will not feel very nice. For hopeless ingrown hairs that cause red bumps, try a product called Tend Skin which is helpful for most people in preventing their appearance. To purchase Tend Skin click here. Use a razor with three or four blades (such as Venus or Schick Quattro). Feel free to use razors made for guys. The shave gel to try if you have ingrown hairs is Skintimate. Some Hollywood makeup artists advise their clients to shave with KY Jelly, according to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, because it helps the razor to glide across the skin, whisking the hairs away. If you use all three of these products to shave, have tried waxing and the red bumps just keep coming back then you may have to resign yourself to getting laser hair removal, which is costly and definitely not an overnight cure, but worth it in the long run, unless you don't mind wearing boy-cut bathing suit bottoms for the rest of your life (which are quite flattering anyway).

For Your Skin: Here is another big shocker! Many models do not use women’s deodorants. They are serious about preventing perspiration, and that means they buy men’s deodorants, because these are stronger. Always buy a deodorant with the word “anti-perspirant” on it to get the most protection. Perspiration is just no good unless you are exercising, so always dust your body with talcum powder, especially your feet, after getting out of the shower. If your perspiration problem is serious, you may have a problem known as hyperhidrosis which may affect underarms, hands, feet or other areas. Your dermatologist or doctor may prescribe an anti perspirant called Drysol. Botox injections, believe it or not, are also used by physicians to treat this condition, as these can block the sweat.

Beauty Tip: If you have a suspicion that a blemish is coming on, purchase some brewers yeast and plain yogurt. Mix the two together and apply it to the face to keep a blemish from growing as large as it would otherwise.

Beauty Tip: Every skin type can benefit from a pore-cleansing, face strip. The strip has an adhesive backing that is activated by water. When the strip dries, after a few minutes, it is pulled off, taking some of the impurities that were trapped in the pores with it. Try Biore’ Pore Perfect Deep Cleansing Strips or Pond Strips.

Beauty Tip: Beautiful skin is for sale, for those who are willing to pay premium prices. Do not head to the cosmetic counter, but to a dermatologist’s office, who performs glycolic acid peels. This procedure will help to unify the color and clarify your complexion. It can be done just once, or as a series, usually biweekly for about 5 weeks for maximum effect. The peel contains about 50% fruit acids which are the peeling agents. You should see a difference right away. Your skin will be red for a few hours, but you can put on makeup and go out right after the procedure. You will be able to see and feel smoother, glowing skin. Lines will appear less deep, and even acne should somewhat diminish. This procedure is not for everybody though. Only a a consultation with a professional dermatologist can tell you if it's right for you.

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