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How can I get beautiful lips?


Lip color is a great way to accentuate beautiful lips or simply to express a mood. Or if you prefer, you can forgo lip color and simply wear a lip balm to protect lips from dryness, or a lip gloss for extra sheen. The choice is yours. Everyone, however, should wear a lip balm, such as Chapstick or Blistex, with an SPF of at least 15, alone or with layers over it.

Lip-color Selection:

You have many choices for lip-color. There are lip pencils, lip glosses, lip-sticks and lip powders. Lip pencils are like eye pencils for lips. They help define the lips and help stop lipsticks from bleeding. Lip glosses can be either clear or translucent and can have a hint of color. The gloss can make the lips appear fuller. Lipsticks come in many formulations. Cream lipstick is opaque and has a satiny texture. Matte lipstick has a no-shine texture, thus making itthe most natural looking of all. It is also the least likely to run. Sheer lipstick (sometimes called lip-tint) has a subtle color and a creamy sheen (like a cross between a lipstick and a gloss). Shimmer lipstick has an opalescent finish. Stain lipstick is the longest lasting formula. It is less likely to run and can withstand eating and kissing. Max Factor’s Lipfinity is a two part system that will not rub off for at least 8 hours. You apply the color first and let it set for a minute or two. You then slick on the moisturizing lip gloss so that your lips don’t feel dry. Lip powder can be applied after using lip-liner or lipstick to help it stick. Experiment with these products and you will find your best products for beautiful lips.

You must select the proper color by experimenting with many different ones until you find one that will give you your beautiful lips. To be on the safe side, look for colors that resemble your natural lip color, like nudes, berries, roses, cinnamons, and soft browns. Keep in mind that lipstick may look different on you than it does in the tube or on a model, because it blends with your natural lip color. When wearing smoky eye makeup, be sure to select a paler lip color.

Lip Color Application:

There are many different combinations of lip color products you can wear. For example, you can wear lip pencil alone or apply gloss or lipstick over it or you can wear lipstick with lip powder over it. There are many options and the choice is yours. However, maybe a lip gloss with a hint of color would look better for the day and a lipstick better at night. For beautiful lips, try to avoid deep or opaque colors in the daytime.

Start by applying a light base of either foundation or lip-balm (there is no need to buy a “lipstick base”). This will give the product something to adhere to. It will also help the color last longer. You will get the most natural application by using a pointed lip brush. It will paint inside corners accurately. If you use a lip liner do not draw beyond your natural lip-line unless you are going a barely detectable distance. Too far beyond is always obvious! If you think that your lips are too full, you can draw the line slightly inside your natural lip line and apply concealer on the outside of it. Also, when working with a lip-liner always fill in the entire lip area, instead of just lining. Since the lip-liner is a pencil, it is dryer and therefore will last longer. If you just outline your lips, your lipstick will fade first and you’ll be left with the tell-tale outline. Always apply products starting in the middle and working toward the outer corners and edges. Upon finishing lips, if you wish, apply a thin dusting of loose powder or lip powder to set (if you want a dewy look or have gloss on, skip this step). If you want to prevent fading, blot lips with a tissue, or apply a sheer dusting of loose powder or lip powder and then reapply a thin layer of lipstick. The final and very important step is to put your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull it out. With it will come all the excess lip product that could have ended up on your teeth. Congratulations, you now know exactly what you need to do to achieve beautiful lips!

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