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What are the best acne treatments for my type of acne?

Everyone wonders why they have acne. Whether or not you have acne is determined by genetics, although there are things you can do to vastly improve the situation.

Acne is common in adolescents, although a person can be affected with acne well into his or her 30’s or 40’s.


Acne develops in the oil-producing structures of the skin called sebaceous glands, which vary considerably in structure and size. One or more sebaceous glands accompany each hair follicle.These glands secrete an oily mixture called sebum which normally passes through the hair follicle to the skin surface.

During adolescence, the sebaceous glands grow larger and produce more sebum, especially in the face, chest and back areas. Acne occurs when the normal route of sebum to the skin surface is blocked.

In the case of severe acne, the sebum builds up in the gland and mixes with dead cells. This accumulation finally ruptures the follicle wall, forming an inflamed nodule under the skin.

Scarring usually results from these nodules, which is why treatment is important, the earlier, the better.

Read about your type of acne here:

Mild Acne

Moderate Acne

Severe Acne

The best treatments for acne are here:

Chemical Peel

Blue Light Therapy

Laser Therapy


Retin A


And if you already have scars check out this page:

Acne Scars 

One of the best treatments for acne is Exposed Treatment for Acne. See how it will clear the acne you have, while preventing new acne from forming. It also reduces acne scars and evens out your skin tone.

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