All About Acne Acnomel Cream

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What is Acne Acnomel Cream?

acne acnomel cream

Looking for an over-the-counter acne fighting cream without benzol peroxide or salycic acid? This cream may be your answer. It is a medicated cream which contains the active ingredients resorcinol 2% and sulfur 8%. It purportedly prevents new pimples from forming and helps clear up any acne that is already present without overdrying. The overall reviews on the internet from those who have tried it is that it tends to work fast, with pimples drying up overnight in some cases. This is a tinted cream but as with most all tinted acne creams it is best to wear when bumming around in the house and not while out on the town.

Like any acne product, what works for one person may not work for the next, but this cream is worth a try if you can’t get to a dermatologist right away. (We recommend that acne sufferers see a dermatologist as soon as possible because some types of acne can result in permanent damage to the look of the skin, if not treated with the help of a doctor). If benzol peroxide or salycic acid tend to make your face feel dried out, or peel, or make your skin look ruddy, then give this product a try.
How often should I use this cream?

You may need to apply the cream any where from once a day to three times a day. If you feel your skin starting to feel dry cut back to applying just once a day.

Are there any Precautions to think about when using this cream?

• According to the Mayo Clinic, unless your doctor instructs you, don’t use any medicated cosmetics or other topical medicine on the areas where you have applied this cream.

Don’t use with any acne medication that will cause peeling (like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or tretinoin [vitamin A acid]).

• While using the cream don’t use any alcohol-containing preparations or abrasive soaps or cleansers. And of course, stay away from topical mercury-containing creams that may stain your skin.

• Use only soaps and cosmetics that do not dry the skin.

What are the side effects to watch out for while using this cream?

• While using this acne fighting product you should call your doctor if you notice anything unusual, such as skin irritation that wasn’t visible or painful before you started your acne acnomel regimen.

• Although not likely, while on acne acnomel cream, it is possible to develop resorcinol poisoning. Even though the chances of this occurring are rare, it is still good to familiarize yourself with the warning signs, which include, but are not limited to, nausea, dizziness, trouble breathing, or diarrhea. For a list of the symptoms check the package literature.

• The more common side effects of acne acnomel cream are redness and some peeling, which usually happens within the first few days of starting your acne acnomel cream treatment. This is normal and does not require medical attention. But if your skin becomes unusually dry and irritating you should call your doctor for advice.

How do I use this acne fighting product?

This cream is very user friendly.

  • First, wash your face with a mild soap, thoroughly, and be sure to rinse well.

  • Dry your face gently with a clean, soft towel.

  • Apply a small amount of the cream to your problematic skin areas only.      There is no need to rub acne acnomel cream into the skin.  Spreading the cream lightly will do the trick.

  • Be sure to wash all of the cream off your hands.

  • Always be sure not to get any cream near or in your eyes.  If any     cream gets into your eyes be sure to flush them with water right away.

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