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What is Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine?

Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine (or CBSG for short) is a labor of love that I started back in 2006 with the intention of creating a complete one stop shop for all the best beauty information. I focus on celebrity tips for your body, hair, makeup, nails, skin, and style.

As a teenager I always devoured beauty and fashion magazines and adored getting creative in front of my mirror...pretending I was my own hair stylist or makeup artist.

To me, beauty and fashion was a creative outlet for my inner artiste (and my inner scientist). I was always into drawing, painting (and chemistry) so of course I was naturally drawn to experimenting with hair and makeup. I think experimenting with beauty also appealed to my inner gambler...(will I be going to school tomorrow with heavenly hair or calling out because of a major mane mishap?)

I think the healthiest way to think of beauty is as a creative or scientific outlet and as a way to feel more confident about yourself. It becomes unhealthy when it is thought of as the all defining quality and measure of your self worth. Think of it as something to have fun with and then put a tiny braid in your hair or paint your nails robin's egg blue. Don't be afraid to be a little zany at times if that's how you really are. You can be a canvas on which you express your personality. Beauty is art when you think of it in a healthy way.

As a beauty experimentalist, I found many great tricks and tips along the way and also weathered a few disasters here and there. I have not-so-fond memories of green hair resulting from my attempt to go from platinum to raven haired and orange legs stemming from my experiment in getting a faux glow before I found quality product- all of which I find to be hillarious in retrospect.

This website is an outlet for all the information I gathered about what works and what doesn't. It is also a place where I deposit all the latest information about innovative beauty techniques and products that have just been released.

The celebrity aspect of the website comes from my fascination with popular culture (both current and retro). You'll find tips here from both modern and vintage stars- everyone from Taylor Swift to Marilyn Monroe. And don't worry, celebs don't just use expensive products. There are many drug store finds that are super popular with Hollywood experts...everything from Maybeline Great Lash mascara to a 99 cent bottle of talcom powder can be found in their bags. And every expensive product is bound to have its inexpensive equivalent that is just as good without the fancy brand name!

I also believe that beauty comes in all skin colors, hair colors, hair textures, ages and sizes. So find the star's tips that best match your hair, skin, age, size or style- you are bound to find her here.

Every month my staff and I add tons of new content and make sure less than new content is brought up to date. We also comb the television media, internet, beauty magazines, beauty conventions, and medical journals to find the latest beauty information. We do all the work so you don't have to.

In order to make our "best lists" the product or technique either has to be knowingly used by celebrities or celebrity experts or has to have been given rave reviews by leading experts or through our own objective review process. For this reason you can rely on CBSG for your beauty information.

I encourage you to sign up for our free newsletter, called Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine Ezine. This way you will be one of those "in the know". You will always be informed first of any new celebrity beauty secret technique or product! If a celebrity uses it, it's got to be good!

I like to share lots of tips...even how I created this website...

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Here's wishing you a beautiful day of fun and creativity!

Warm Regards,

Sara Liz

Editor-in-Chief, Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine

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Terms of Use: Always consult a physician before beginning any fitness, nutrition, beauty, or medical regimen or before implementing such information.

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