How to Create Smoky Eyes

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Wondering how to create smoky eyes?

It is one of the hottest looks going for an evening out. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez look really natural in this look since it compliments their hair and skin tone.

Smoky eyes are easy to attain just by using these 4 easy steps.

Jennifer Lopez Smoky Eyes

You will need the following:

1. An eye pencil or eye shadow (with brush) in any of the following colors: black, cocoa or charcoal

2. An eye shadow in grey, brown or silver

3. A sponge applicator or a cotton swab

4. An eye lash curler

5. Mascara

Step One:

Using the dark eye pencil or shadow draw a line along your upper lash line. On top of the liner brush a line of dark shadow, then smudge the lines using the sponge applicator or the cotton swab

Step Two:

Using the eye shadow brush sweep the second color of shadow from your lashes up to where your eye creases. Then, still using your eye shadow brush, blend in the shadow to just above the crease.

Step Three:

Along the lower lash line, brush on a quarter-inch thick line of eye shadow and blend with the cotton swab. You are trying to achieve a soft ring around your eyes

Step Four:

All that’s left is to curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of a good mascara.

Jennifer Lopez Smoky Eyes

In a hurry:

To create smoky eyes on the go try this little trick: Use a dark eye pencil (black, dark brown or charcoal) to line your top and bottom eyelash lines. Then take a cotton swab and bring the color out around your eye to create a soft haze.

Helpful hint:

To help keep eye shadow in place apply a bit of foundation and then apply a translucent face powder to your lids. This gives the eye shadow a clean surface to adhere to.

 Jennifer Lopez Smoky Eyes

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