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A little bit about Revlon and celebrities

Eva Mendes

Revlon has a long history in the beauty industry. From 1932, when it was started by two brothers and a chemist friend, until now, they have always been a leader in the beauty industry. From makeup to hair color they cover the whole spectrum of being a woman. Some of Hollywood’s most admired women have recently joined their new Star Style Collection. They call this line “Beauty Inspired by the Stars”. Inspiration for this wonderful collection includes Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Julianna Moore, Kate Bosworth, and Eva Mendes. These women have their own unique signature items and their own limited edition shades

Winning awards for their great products is everyday fare for this company. Being recognized by great magazines like Allure, Cosmopolitan and Self proves they know their stuff!

What hair color products does Revlon carry?

They has 5 categories of hair color products in their hair color line.

Sheryl Crow and Revlon

NEW: Revlon Colorist

• ColorSilk Permanent Hair Color

• Frost&Glow

• High Dimension Hair Color

NEW: Colorsilk Root Perfect

NEW: Sheryl Crow uses Colorist in Medium Blonde Shade #80

What is Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color by Revlon

Colorsilk is a permanent hair color, which means that it will not wash out. It stays on your hair till your hair grows out and you cut your hair, or recolor it

• Natural looking vibrant colors

• 41 shades from ultra blonds to deep rich brunettes and fabulous reds.

• Covers 100% gray

• No ammonia

• Leaves hair silky and shiny

• Deep conditioning technology

Revlon wonders: Do blondes have more fun?

What hair color products are in the Frost&Glow line?

Frost&Glow Blonding Kit

• Frost & Glow Blonding Kit gives you an all over beach blonde (not bleached blond) look.

• One step process

• Deep conditioning, prevents dryness

• No ammonia

• Leaves hair soft and silky

• Will take blonde to light brown natural hair color and turn it pale yellow blonde

• Can be used on darker hair for warm tones

• Do not use on color-treated hair

Frost&Glow Highlighting Kit

• Frost&Glow Highlighting Kit gives you beautiful highlights and will blend with your own natural hair color.

• No ammonia

• Deep conditioners

• Hair will not turn brassy

What makes the High Dimension line so unique?

Revlon’s newest line of hair color products includes the High Dimension Line. This amazing hair color works in 10 minutes instead of 30! Wondering how this is possible? High Dimension is “smart color” that opens each individual hair shaft and gets it ready to accept the color. Special polymers know where to deposit the color and how much color to deliver to each strand of hair. This makes it possible for the hair to obtain the best color in the shortest amount of time. When you condition your hair with the High Dimension Conditioner you close each hair shaft which traps in the color and leaves your hair soft, moisturized, and UV protected.

What hair color products are in the High Dimension Line?

There are 3 products in High Dimension Line:

High Dimension Permanent Hair color:

• 29 shades

• Patented UV filters to keep hair from fading from the sun

• Moisturizes and conditions

• “Smart hair technology“ opens the hair shaft to prepare the hair for just the right amount of color

• Revlon’s fabulous conditioner closes the hair shaft to protect it from color loss

Color Accents Highlighting kit:

• 3 shades

• Applicator comb that regulates the right amount of color

• Comb in the lightener, shampoo in the toner, your done!

• Salon style highlights

• Fast and easy

• Can be used on natural and color treated hair

High Dimension Blonding Kit:

• Maximum blonde in half the time

• 10 – 30 minutes depending on your own hair color

• Coconut oil to protect the scalp and hair from damage

• Conditioners leave your hair soft and manageable

• Do not use on color treated hair or relaxed hair

Colorsilk Root Perfect is great when only the roots need coloring

Designed "just for roots", this in-between coloring formula by Colorsilk uses a unique Touch & Go Applicator that gives root coverage in just 10 minutes.

What tips do they have for choosing a hair color?

Revlon prefers that women use a hair color that contrasts with their own skin tones.

If you have pale or creamy skin you can wear almost any hair color. Avoid the darkest browns or blacks. Look for colors that have Golden or Bronze in their names. Avoid any light reds.

Yellow toned skin should avoid lighter, warmer colors. You should use cooler “neutral” shades. Try darker auburn or a neutral brown shade. Avoid colors that have the words golden or bronze in their names. They also suggest that you avoid the light reds.

Pink, rosy hue skin should look for hair colors like browns, auburns, and blondes that have Ash or Neutral in their description. Avoid some light reds that don’t give good contrast between your hair and your skin. Also avoid colors with the words golden or golden tones in their description.

Revlon believes that the color red adds warmth and brightens up your look.

Women of color can brighten their hair by adding some reddish-brown hair color to their hair. This beautiful look can be achieved by using any Revlon hair color that starts with a 3 (example: #35 Velvet Brown), a 4 (example: #44 Deep Copper Mahogany), or a 5 (example: #56 Auburn Brown)

If you can’t choose between 2 shades always go with the lighter of the two. You can always go darker later. But if you go darker first and decide you want to go lighter it will not be as easy.

What they recommend for gray hair?

As you age gray hair is caused by the loss of natural pigments that once gave your hair its own natural color. This can happene very early for some people and much later on in life for others.

41 shades of ColorSilk hair color will cover 100% of the gray leaving your hair softer and more manageable, with more body and shine.

22 of High Dimension shades can cover 100% of gray hair. Because your gray hair is lighter than your own hair color, it remains lighter even after the High Dimension color is applied. This will look like highlights.

The following shades of High Dimension will cover only 50% of gray hair:

• #21 Bright Black/Bold Beauty

• #56Auburn Brown/Cinnamaniac

• Bleach Blond Lighening Kit

More great hair tips from Revlon:

Tailor your highlights to the shape of your face or/and your hair style. You can bring more color to your face by adding highlights closer to your face. Or bring out the exciting features of your latest hair style.

Revlon believes that gray hair washes out the color of your own natural skin tones. They say adding color back to your hair can make you not only look more awake and refreshed but will lift your spirits as well. Looking in the mirror and seeing a younger you looking back can boost your self-confidence as well. They suggests that you think of hair color as a great “secret weapon”. Nothing can change your appearance more than a new hair color. And it only takes a few minutes!

Have questions or concerns about Revlon Hair Color? Call their Expert Advice Line at: 1.800.473.8566 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST). or, you may fax them at 919-603-2953.

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