Kristi Yamaguchi
Winter Health & Beauty Tips

Kristi Yamaguchi

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By Sara Booker

We asked multi-talented, award-winning, Kristi Yamaguchi who is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist but a Dancing With the Stars Champion as well, to share some of her favorite health and beauty tips for the cool days of winter.

What a resume! Hall of Famer ice skater, record breaking dancer, athletic artist, versatile actress, passionate activist…it seems like everything Kristi Yamaguchi touches turns to gold.

“How did you like being on Dancing with the Stars? How did the experience compare to preparing for an ice skating performance?

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas

Kristi Yamaguchi: “Dancing with the Stars was an amazing experience, and my partner Mark Ballas is incredible. You would think that from my figure skating days I would have an advantage on the competition, but dancing and skating are so different. I was taking Advil for pain in muscles I didn’t even know I had!”

Did you learn any good beauty secrets on Dancing with the Stars? It seems like everybody’s makeup and hair is so perfect even after their done dancing!

Kristi Yamaguchi: “A great beauty secret from Dancing with the Stars is a lot of layering. We were in makeup three times a day! The layering helps staying power especially with eyeliner and eye shadow. Personally, I switched some of my makeup after DWTS – I now use Giorgio Armani foundation because that is what they used on me during the show.”

What are your favorite winter beauty tips?

Kristi Yamaguchi: “I use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 on a daily basis – it gives me a healthy glow. I also love Dove Beauty Bar because this soap doesn’t dry out my skin. My nails tend to get dry and brittle in the winter from the cooler weather and all of the wind, so to prevent this I use OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand and Nail Cream.”

You are the national spokesperson for the American Lung Association’s Faces of Influenza Campaign. Tell us about that.

Kristi Yamaguchi gets flu shot

Kristi Yamaguchi: “I got involved with the program four years ago because I realized that I am a “face” of influenza – someone who falls into one or more groups recommended for annual vaccination by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are more than 250 million Americans who should get vaccinated every year.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Family

When my daughter Emma was born, my doctor gave me a flu vaccination before I left the hospital to help prevent spreading this serious disease to my newborn infant. Since then, I make sure we all get vaccinated every year. This includes my husband, my two daughters and even the grandparents in our family.

To see if you or someone you love is a “face” visit Faces of Influenza. With more than 4 out of 5 Americans recommended for vaccination, there’s a good chance you or someone you love should get a flu shot.

Every year, an estimated 26,000 American die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized because of influenza and its complications. By spreading the word that vaccination is the best protection against the disease, I hope to help reduce some of these tragic numbers. Through this program, I’ve worked with families who have lost loved ones to the disease and its complications. Their tragic experiences are a reminder that seasonal influenza isn’t the common cold – it’s serious.”

Kristi Yamaguchi

Thanks, Kristi, for the great information!

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