Kimmie Kyees - Rihanna's Celebrity Manicurist

Kimmie Kyees discusses her role as Celebrity Manicurist
and Personal Nail Technician for Rihanna

All Photos courtesy of Kimmie Kyees

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How did you first meet Rihanna?

Kimmie Kyees and Rihanna

Kimmie: I met her at the Lamontrose Hotel in Los Angeles the day of the 2007 Grammy Awards. Her manager had hired me as a gift for her and her best friend!

Rihanna and Kimmie

How did Rihanna first hear about Minx nails?

Kimmie: I showed Rihanna Minx for the first time while she was filming the “Rehab” video featuring Justin Timberlake. She wore Silver Lightning because it complemented her wardrobe, and also the silver Minx reflects color so well that it works with a wide variety of different looks.

Rihanna has worn Minx repeatedly. What does she like about them?
Rihanna with Obama Minx Nails

Kimmie: Rihanna loves that she can wear different designs and metallic colors. She has worn the Silver Lightning, Black Minx with Silver Polka dots to the American Music Awards, and we Minxed her pinky with Obama for her Inauguration charity event in Washington, DC. (see close up below). She liked them so much that she kept them on for the Pepsi Smash event she did later in the week! She also requested Minx with Betty Boop, which she wore on her ring finger. We put a clear-colored Minx with a pink outline of Betty over Silver Lightning - So cute!!!

What does Rihanna look for when choosing her Minx styles?

Rihanna at the AMA's Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees: She is so fashion forward! Most of the time, Rihanna is pushing the limits and setting trends. Minx has given her a new way to express her daring fashion, and her nails have become a part of her style. Minx allows her another way to accessorize her look!!

Rihanna wearing Black with Chrome Polka Dot Minx at the 2008 American Music Awards

Does Rihanna ever request customized Minx for a particular outfit?

Rihanna with Silver Lightening Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees: Yes, she has requested custom Minx in the past but usually she is asking for designs of things that she loves, like the Betty Boop design and the Bob Marley Rasta Nails that she has yet to wear!!

My first custom request for Minx actually came from Keri Hilson for her “Turning Me On” music video that featured Lil’ Wayne. Keri was wearing houndstooth and wanted black and white nails to match. That particular design has since been added to the MInx collection, and my clients always go crazy over it!

Rihanna with Silver Lightening Minx Nails

As a celebrity manicurist, why do you like working with Minx?

Kimmie Kyees: Minx is so stunning! People ALWAYS notice when someone is wearing Minx. It catches the eye. It's like a designer couture clothing line, except it’s for your nails. It is becoming a vital part of creating the perfect look. My new favorite way to use Minx is by adding a layer of Cal Gel USA as an overlay to have the option to use a glitter gel to add dimension and sparkle. You can even add a French look (white or in color), or create extra designs by adding stones or holograms. The opportunities are endless.

Contact Information:

Kimmie Kyees

Kimmie K Nails

Celebrity Manicurist

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Phone: 614-378-8252

Rihanna has worn:

• Silver Lightning Minx for her music video, “Rehab”.

• Black with Chrome polka dot Minx for her appearance the American Music Awards.

• Customized Minx with an image of President Obama for the inauguration event.

• Customized pink Betty Boop outline over Silver Lightning.

Close-up of Rihanna's customized Minx Nail of Obama

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