How to Get Kesha's Hair, Makeup and Style

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Kesha (pronounced with a 'short e', stylized as Ke$ha) is a pop sensation with a unique sense of beauty and style.


She oozes a party girl, fun-loving, not-always-serious, rowdy vibe which is reflected in her hair, makeup and style. This professional party girl loves mixing an eclectic array of style that would be just as home in the rock and roll world as on the pop dance floor. Thrilling dancers and scaring parents with her bold lyrics and phat beats she seems like a fun girl to hang with but you might want to hide her CD from your little sister's young impressionable Her songs can be described as pop with a rock vibe and her style can also be described as such. Personally I think her whole vibe is interesting, if maybe a little too "unapologetic bad girl" for some.


Ke$ha Hair: Ke$ha’s hair is sometimes “sloppy chic”- layered and just- rolled- out- of- bed- casual (sunglasses finish the look). Her hair is also sometimes curled either in tight waves (as seen in the video for Tik Tok), flat iron-flipped (like in video for Your Love is My Drug) or curled and tousled (like in the video for Blah Blah Blah). Bring a picture of Ke$ha- a still from your favorite video- to your salon. They will layer your hair and then should show you how to achieve the style with the appropriate hairdressing appliance. For styling at home, Tik Tok hair can be achieved with a wave plated iron. Your Love is My Drug hair can be achieved with a ceramic iron, by flipping layers out and then picking out. Blah Blah Blah hair can be achieved with either electric or steam rollers and a pick. Don’t forget the little braid! Take it Off hair just needs to be blow-dried and flat-ironed with a ceramic iron. Spray some silicone spray on top to look even sparklier.


Kesha Makeup: Kesha is not shy about showing her freckles. She also loves glitter. She has been known to sport the same eye makeup symbol as Alex in the movie A Clockwork Orange. She usually wears either colored makeup (usually black or light blue) or glitter under her right eye. She also frequently goes heavy on under eye liner or glittery top- of- eyelid shadow. She also occasionally wears peach, shimmery lipstick but usually her lips are neutral or natural colored.


Kesha Style: Kesha describes her style as a little tribal, a little punk rock, a little redneck and a little dumpster-diving chic. She wears very high and very low fashion at the same time on occasion. For example, one time she wore a pair of Carl Lagerfeld sunglasses with a thrift store t-shirt. Sunglasses, leather jackets, tribal jewelry, feather earrings, punk rock or rock t-shirts, especially with sleeves cut off or under jackets, almost daisy-duke length shorts, cowboy boots, braids in hair, homemade tank tops that drape off the shoulder on one side (made by cutting up a t-shirt yourself). She also wears lots of bracelets and bangles. She also has a nose ring, tattoos (not sure if they’re temporary), and occasionally wears fake fur. In short, although she makes hot pop tracks, she seems to be a rock and roller at heart.

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