Jessica Simpson Beauty Secrets

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Here are some of Jessica Simpson beauty secrets:

Jessica Simpson

• Jessica's silky, shiny hair is the result of regular use of PHYTO Huile d'Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment with essential oils, Dry Hair. Her hair dresser uses it before he colors her hair to restore moisture to dry, damaged hair. This product is said to be great for those whose hair suffers a lot of breakage. It can also be added to some home hair color kits.

• Wondering who designed Jesscia’s wedding gown?

• What acne treatment doesJessica love?

• What little item does Jessica like to go along with her monogrammed, polished nails?

• Even though Jessica has her own line of beauty treats, called Dessert Beauty, she loves this lip product to get those full pouty, sexy lips.

• Jessica hairstylist blow dries her hair while it’s in curlers to create soft waves and to add volume.

• Jessica never has to worry about her roots showing, thanks to hairstylist Ken Pave's beauty secret. According to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, he spritzes the roots with eye shadow and then paints color on them with eye shadows of the same color. You can even blend eyeshadows to come up with the perfect color, just like you would blend paint.

• Jessica has recently unveiled her own clothing line called J.S. by Jessica Simpson. Many pieces in the line were inspired by the character Daisy Duke that she played in the movie version of the Dukes of Hazard in which she starred. There are many “modernized” cowgirl touches. Jessica feels that her clothing line accurately reflects her personality and taste. She has said that she herself would wear the clothes in casual settings or on the Red Carpet.

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