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My Feria Highlight Mission: Add light blonde chunky highlights to my newly layered, color-treated medium blonde hair.

The Feria Highlight Product: L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit: For Light to Medium Blonde Hair.

Feria Highlight Kit

My Typically Zany Yet Educational Experience: What I basically did was go from having long, wavy Ke$ha-rolling-out-of bed-or-bath hair that would tangle easily, to a layered style more like the hair in her videos Your Love Is My Drug or Blah Blah Blah. To achieve this look I had about 4 - 5 angled layers cut onto each side of my head and in the back. The easiest thing to do is to bring a picture of whatever style you want to your hairdresser, but I’m a daring do-it-your-selfer. After all, it’s only hair, it can grow back. But if you're one who will cry if you have six months until you look good again, get the to a salon...lol.


So I chopped the hair myself by looking at a picture of Ke$ha’s hair... Is that crazy or what? Then I watched a video of Olivia Newton John singing the song Magic on the Midnight Special on Youtube.com (song is from 1980, but so happy-go-lucky) and decided I wanted to blonde-up my hair. My hair at this point was a medium blonde, so I bought the L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit to put lighter blond chunks in it. The Feria Highlight Kit, as I call it for short, safely allowed me to highlight my already color treated hair by mixing up a shimmering powder and a shimmering liquid into the hair color applicator bottle. I put on the gloves and shook it hard. The objective here was to get a blue pasty substance that you can squeeze onto the Easy-Glide Highlighter tool. This basically looks like salad tongs with pads on the ends. You put the color on the pads then run it down your strand. If you’re a chronic hair do it your-selfer and experimentalist you’ll want to wash this off when you’re done with it and keep the tool handy for further experimentation. Maybe some day you’ll want to put low lights in your hair by using the Easy-Glide Highlighter and a color one or two shades darker than your current color. You don’t have to get a special “lowlight kit”. Do they even have such a thing. I’ll investigate and get back to ya. The strands you are highlighting should be as wide as the applicator or a little smaller and should be spread out. The color won’t run over the other strands. You want each strand to be saturated and to have a blue-ish tint. Then wait 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how daring you are if you didn’t do a strand test. Always do a strand test to prevent social fall-out from hair experiments gone awry. I tried to refrain from squeezing the solution onto my gloves and getting down and dirty with the saturation but in the end, did this several times to strands which just did not seem to be blue enough. The highlighter was a little flimsy, but generally a good guide and I could just retrace my steps with my gloved fingers.

I waited 30 minutes letting the Feria Highlight Kit work its magic and then rinsed the solution and conditioned with the Hydrating Conditioner , saturating strands, combing through and leaving on for two minutes. I then rinsed and blow dried. All in all, highlighting my hair with the L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit was quick and painless. Music helps. Play the music of your hair inspiration…lol.

The Feria Highlight Review: L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Highlighting Kit made my hair not to light, not too dark, just about right in most lights, a touch yellow in others but nothing shocking- not even in florescent light. Blends well with base color strands. I wanted a bit more of a contrast between base and highlights so maybe I should have left in on a full 45 minutes. Still this level of lighting brightened up my face. My hair is definitely not as light as Olivia Newton John's was in that video but good enough. The highlights make my layers look really good when I run a ceramic iron over the layers and flip them up or down, pick my hair, shake my head and go. Fun!

The Feria Highlight Product Rating: B+

Olivia Newton John Singing "Magic" in 1980

Olivia Magic

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