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Hello, Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine, Issue #007
November 18, 2007

Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine brings you the very latest products and techniques that celebrities are using to look beautiful.

We are excited to announce the launch of our very first e-book! You can get celebrity-level gorgeous and start living the life of your dreams right now by downloading a copy of Princessa: Your Ultimate Looks and Life Makeover ebook. Because you are an e-zine subscriber you get a free sample of this big 237 page e-book that took me 12 years to write below...

Issue #007

Imagine if you could…

• Learn exactly what celebrities do and buy to look celebrity-level beautiful and duplicate these techniques on yourself! See chapter 1.

• Learn all those celebrity beauty tricks that they are reluctant to share, like the lip plumping treatment used by almost every young celebrity and the hair iron they use to get silky hair, with a glass like shine. See chapter 1.

• Learn which foundation you can use while you work out or swim that will actually improve your acne! See chapter 1.

• Learn the exact strategies celebrities use for getting rid of acne and wrinkles. See chapter 1.

• Learn all the latest, greatest, most cutting edge beauty secrets. Secrets that you can't find anywhere else, that make the most radical, drastic different in your appearance. See chapter 1.

• Never feel insecure again by taking control of your beauty situation with jealously-guarded beauty secrets that empower you. You will learn to become a one-woman beauty entourage for yourself! You will have all the greatest beauty info of all time at your finger tips! See chapter 1.

• Want to know what foundation Eva Longoria uses, or where Queen Latifah buys her body shapers? What mascara is used on Jessica Alba or what Jessica Simpson's stylist does to keep her color treated hair super-healthy looking? It's all right here! See chapter 1.

• Succeed at life’s challenges. See chapter 9.

• Achieve your goals as quickly as possible. See chapter 9.

• Learn how to build a website and start your own online business that can make you a millionaire. This is the same method that I (Sara Liz) and my mother used to create this website. Imagine no more having to go to that job you hate! See chapter 13, under Business Woman Secrets.

• Learn the secrets of the world’s “inner circle” and from Hollywood celebrities on how to live the life of your dreams. All chapters contain such secrets.

• Organize everything: Your living space, your workspace, your vehicle, your money, your time, your shopping, and your life! You can’t live the life of your dreams until you get organized! See chapter 8.

• Have a ton of energy and get everything done in your day. See chapters 4 and 6.

• Learn how to become an actress, singer, musician, dancer, writer, business woman, etc… See chapter 13.

• Feel happy and comfortable almost all the time and in any situation. See chapter 17.

• Be confident when meeting new people by learning “the rules” for conquering shyness. Success and a social life require confidence! See chapter 15.

• Always have something to say by learning how to become “witty” and “informed”. See chapters 11 and 15.

• Learn what wind chimes, bubble baths, foreign food, seashells, and thunderstorms can do for your life. See chapter 16.

• Learn the only way to lose weight and keep it off forever! See chapter 4 and 6.

• Learn how to get rid of embarrassing problems like body hair, body odor, bad acne and bad breath for good! See chapter 1.

• Know how to make school classes, homework, your job, or your housecleaning more fun. See chapters 10, 16 and 17.

• Boost your brain power and energy with special drinks you can whip up in minutes. See chapter 10.

• Get all the secrets you need to become a more powerful person who meets her goals and makes amazing things happen in her life. See chapter 9.

• Learn what to do everyday to make sure your body, hair, nails, and skin look their very best. See chapter 1.

• Learn why you should go to the beach at sunset or stand by waterfalls more often. See chapter 16.

• Know what you should bring on all your vacations to get the ultimate experience. See chapter 16.

• Eat like a pampered spa girl. Get delicious, nutritious recipes for healthy meals and smoothies. See chapter 5.

• Come up with tons of exciting ideas everyday. See chapter 12.

• Learn why you should ride scary roller coasters and jump in the pool more often. See chapter 16.

• Learn how to make that feeling of being on vacation linger on back at home. See chapter 16.

• Learn the shortcuts for building a big vocabulary or for expanding your knowledge bank. See chapter 11.

• Learn secrets for making life more fun and enjoyable. See chapters 16 and 17.

• Improve all areas of your life: your relationships your finances, your education, your career, your vacations, your appearance, your self esteem, your health and fitness, your spirituality, your goal achievement and your fun! All chapters.

All these secrets and more are revealed in Princessa: Your Ultimate Looks & Life Makeover e-book. You can start becoming the ultimate version of yourself and living your dream life right now by ordering and downloading the e-book instantly via PDF file. This e-book is loaded with hundreds of tips you can't find on our website! It can be yours for only $24.95! Click the button below to order.

If you are reading a text version of this ezine, you may go to to order.

Since you are a Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine e-zine subscriber, you get a preview of this fabulous e-book that took me 12 years to write below for free. Here are some sample tips from chapters 1 and 9:

Excerpt from Chapter 1

How to Dramatically Enhance Your Appearance

Dream Diet Pill: Diet pills can be a big waste of money or can be unsafe if you are uninformed. The only one worth the money would have to be Alli which is brand new and available at Walgreens and Walmart. It is the only over-the-counter diet pill which has FDA approval. It is supposed to help you lose 50% more weight than with just dieting alone. So if you could lose 10 pounds with just dieting, you would lose 15 with Alli. Visit for more information.

Microdermabrasion at Home: There is a new device called Ageless Beauty Dermavie. This device has the same exfoliation power as clinical microdermabrasion but you can use it at home! It helps get rid of rough skin texture, fine lines, acne and abnormal skin pigmentation. Visit for more information.

Perfect Self Tanning: Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa, and Madonna use Fake Bake self tanning products. Visit for more information. For mistake proof self tanning buy a bottle of St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Remover. Visit for more information. When self tanning, be sure to exfoliate before hand. Always wear plastic gloves and wash your hands after application. Celebrities also enjoy airbrush or spray tans, such as the service provided by Mystic Tan.

Fresh Breath Fix: If you have bad breath you should invest in a tongue scraper, which you can get at your local drugstore and scrape your tongue morning and night. You can also use an inverted spoon. If a powerful mouthwash like Listerine does not do the trick, mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts warm water and swish this mixture around in your mouth before spitting it out. You should avoid smoking, garlic and onions. Chewing on parsley helps to neutralize the offending odor. Green and black teas, and cranberries also help to neutralize offending odors. If you want to purchase a commercial product for treatment of your bad breath, look for these two ingredients: Cl02 and Zinc Acetate.

Big Event Blemish Buster: Celebrities get cortisone injections when they get a big blemish days before an event. You can get cortisone injections at your dermatologist’s office for a reasonable price. The blemish should be flat within 24 hours after the injection. There are some dermatologists that provide this service on an emergency basis. Check your yellow pages.

Virtual Stylist: Jenny McCarthy’s secret to looking great is a website called She told Allure magazine that you can buy coordinated outfits there that mannequins model for you. So you will always look pulled together. Another great store for displaying coordinating outfits together is New York & Company. There may be one at a mall near you.

Excerpt from Chapter 9

How to Achieve All Your Goals and Dreams

Get a Coach: Did you ever see that show Made on MTV where someone gets a personal coach to assist them in achieving their goal? Did you ever get jealous and wish you could do the same? is MTV’s new website which allows you a similar opportunity. Log onto the website and create a goal. You can then find a coach to assist you in turning your dream into reality. You could even be featured on the hit show if you do a good job! A life coach can also assist you in achieving your goals. Visit for more information.

Essential Gear: Every organized, goal-oriented gal needs a calendar, a daily planner, and a calculator. Or you can get a PDA phone or Blackberry which can serve as all of these items rolled into one. You will also need a journal to keep track of your progress. You should also keep a list of coordinating daily or long term goals. For example, your long term goal list may contain the goal of “publishing a book”. Your list of daily goals then should contain something like, “spend a hour writing”. Your daily goals bridge the gap between the current you and the “you of the future”. Taking steps toward achieving goals everyday is what separates dreamers from achievers. Experts recommend spending no less than one hour a day working toward your goals.

Google It: After making a list of your goals you will need to decide what you have to do exactly and make a plan. If you are not sure, “Google it”. The internet has infinite information to help you along. Also check the information desk at your library. Then make a step by step plan on what you need to do to accomplish your goal.

Expert Advice: If you need to hire an expert check out Or check out the local experts in the yellow pages of your phone book. Here is a trick that is used by successful people: Find someone who has already achieved your goal and call or meet with them and ask them how they did it. People just love to talk about themselves so they may be very willing to help you. For example, let’s say you want to be a history professor. Schedule an appointment with a history professor at your college and grill him or her. If you want to become a counselor, find one in the yellow pages and leave them a voicemail message saying that you would love any advice they could give you. Perhaps you want the same job as a colleague at work. Then email him or her and ask how they got the job. It doesn’t hurt to ask. They will either reply or they won’t. If they don’t, try someone else. You can always offer to pick up the tab for lunch so they can regale you with their life story. Who could say no to that?

Problem Parachute: If you ever have a problem you can’t brainstorm a way out of or a question you can’t find the answer to, ask your family and friends for advice. Create a group address list in your email account so you can send the question out to all of them at once. This is why it’s a great idea to network with people in the field that you want to excel in and add them to your group address list. You can meet people in your field at conventions. You can also find others with similar interests at clubs and groups at your school, online communities, or in professional organizations. You might want to have one group address list per goal.

Dummies Books: These are great for getting all the info you need to do something (like use a computer program, or play the guitar) in a nut shell. For example, there is a Guitar for Dummies, Life Coaching for Dummies, and a Windows for Dummies. These books are wonderful for those who can’t afford lessons or who refuse to read the user’s manual that comes with software programs.

Remember, keep subscribed to this e-zine for more free tips from Princessa: Your Ultimate Looks & Life Makeover e-book. But why wait? There are hundreds of tips just like these that you will not find anywhere else all waiting to be downloaded right now! For only $24.95 you can become a princessa, which means "she who takes first place". So get celebrity-level gorgeous and start living your dream life right now! Click below to order!

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