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Hello, Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine, Issue #006
March 16, 2007

Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine brings you the very latest products and techniques that celebrities are using to look beautiful.

Here you will find the secrets to making the most dramatic improvements in your body, hair, makeup, nails, skin, style and weight loss!

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Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine
Issue #006

Has spring finally sprung?? We sure hope so! Here’s to more sun filled, warmer days.

We’ve been hard at work creating and expanding Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine.

Here is a small sampling of what we’ve been busy building for you:

Dermacia Tips and Techniques

Have you checked out our new Dermacia Tips and Techniques page? We share our tips on how to make the most of this incredible foundation.

Dermacia Breathable Makeup

Find out which "breathable" foundation supermodel Rachel Hunter and Carrie Underwood use that is considered the first truly anti-aging, anti-acne foundation on the market! It is clinically proven to deliver 308% more oxygen to your skin than wearing nothing at all! It is water-resistant, so it can be worn to the gym or in the pool. The colors are so natural looking that the makeup is virtually undetectable. And the level of coverage can be adjusted from sheer to heavy! Don't miss this article!

Exposed Acne Treatment

Are you bothered by acne? Have you tried lots of other acne products? Why not give Exposed Acne Treatment a try? The Exposed Acne Treatment kit will help clear your skin, reduce your acne scars, even out your skin tone and help prevent new acne from forming. Exposed Acne Treatment was created by a dream team of dermatologists and they'll even give you a $25.00 discount on a future kit when you send them any other acne product you've already tried. This maybe the one that changes your life!

Bob Greene's Best Life Diet

He changed Oprah’s life, now Bob Greene is on a quest to help Americans kick some unhealthy habits and become their personal best. By bringing you his Best Life Diet program, Oprah’s personal trainer, plans to change your life, and it’s all for under $5.00 per week.

Retro Beauty

The Retro Beauty trend continues to grow and grow in popularity, as evidenced by Christina Aguilera’s new video for Candyman, where she brings you 1940s fun. Do you enjoy learning about the history of beauty and how it was influenced by popular culture? Then check out our retro beauty page. Remember,”what’s old is new again”!

We Love Shoes

After the many requests from you, our readers, we have searched the internet and have found some of the greatest places on the internet where you can buy shoes from the comfort of your home. These internet shoe stores stock every style in every size imaginable and have every width too. Some even pay the postage back if you want to return the shoes.

ghd Hair Straightener

Have you heard about the new ghd Hair Straightener? Read ghd Hair Straightener and see why it’s a new USA salon favorite that has already taken over the Beauty Salons in the UK.

Perfect Hair Color

Confused about the perfect hair color for you? Check out our new Perfect Hair Color page and its sister pages: Warm Skin Tones and Cool Skin Tones. You won’t be confused anymore. Now you can find your most flattering shade possible.

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