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Hello, Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine, Issue #004 -- Holiday Special!
December 01, 2006
Happy Holidays,

Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine brings you the very latest products and techniques that celebrities are using to look beautiful.

Here you will find the secrets to making the most dramatic improvements in your body, hair, makeup, nails, skin, style and weight loss!

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Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine
Issue #004, Holiday Edition 2006

Happy Holiday Season! Inside this jam-packed issue you will find:

• Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Our homepage’s teaser celebrity beauty secrets revealed! Don’t miss this!

• What’s New at Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine: Don’t miss this special section where you can link to our latest articles, including, “Best Foundations”, “Best Concealers”, and “Best Mascaras”.

• Free E-Gift: An article called “Celebrity Hair Secrets: How to get your best hair color ever with celebrity tips and products! This article will be part of an upcoming book which is not yet available to the public, but because you are a valued e-zine subscriber you get it first, free!

• Holiday Celebrity Beauty Tips: In the spirit of the season, we offer these fabulous ways to add sparkle to your appearance, so you can be the center of attention at your holiday party!

• Life coaching advice: Beat the Clock and Get Your Goals Accomplished!

• Self-improvement Tip: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

• Special Opportunity: Become a published author

Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Our Homepage’s Teaser Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed! Each month this e-zine will reveal 7 of the secrets that we use as “teasers” on our homepage to get you to subscribe to our e-zine. Stay subscribed and you will get all the answers! Here are the next seven in our series:

Teaser: Learn which ceramic straightening iron is used on Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, that gives you the silkiest hair you've ever had, even if your hair is coarse, unruly or frizzy.

Secret Revealed: Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston’s hair is styled with the Sedu Flat Iron. Visit our Sedu Hairstyles page for more information.

Teaser: Learn which website carries products from a Hollywood boutique, that is frequented by celebrity stylists around red carpet time for all kinds of body-sculpting products. It carries a product used by Queen Latifah to provide a more hourglass shape under her evening gowns, and the product that Jennifer Lopez used to hold up her famous, plunging, green, floral Versace dress.

Secret Revealed: is the website that carries the products from the Hollywood boutique called “Intuition” that is frequented by celebrity stylists at red carpet time for body sculpting products. The product Queen Latifah uses for an hour glass shape is the Higher Power High Waisted Power Panty by Spanx. Jennifer Lopez held up her famous, plunging, green, floral Versace dress with double-sided tape, (try Hollywood Fashion Tape). Visit our Celebrity Style page for more information.

Teaser: Discover which product is favored by Beth Chamberlain of the soap Guiding Light to banish dark circles under eyes!

Secret Revealed: Beth Chamberlain loves a product available through physicians called Teamine. It increases circulation under the eye which removes dark circles, tightens puffiness, and brightens the eye area. It contains green tea, vitamin C, Vitamin K, and arnica. Check out our Dark Circles-Eyes page for more information.

Teaser: Find out which hair brush is favored by Jessica Simpson's hair stylist and is considered the best brush in the industry. It gives you silky hair and a scalp massage at the same time!

Secret Revealed: The hair brush brand favored by top celebrity hair stylists is Mason Pearson. Visit our Mason Pearson page for more information.

Teaser: Is Alicia Silverstone's character Cher, from the movie Clueless, the fictional character most like you? Do you love shopping for clothes? Are you a fashion fanatic? Then check out our Celebrity Style page and discover the fashion and style secrets that every "fashionista" should know!

Secret Revealed: Our Celebrity Style page features an article called, “What Every Fashionista Should Know”, which was inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher in the movie Clueless. It reveals how to become a fashion designer, how to become a fashion model, fashion terminology, where the fashion capitols are and much more info you need to know before you can claim to be a “fashionista”.

Teaser: Discover which item is favored by Lisa Rinna from Dancing With the Stars, to correct hyperpigmentation and give you a uniform complexion.

Secret Revealed: Lisa Rinna counts Glyquin XM Skin bleaching cream among her favorite skin products. It fades hyperpigmentation (areas of the face that are a darker color than the rest of your skin). It hydrates skin, contains an SPF, and also includes vitamin C, E, and glycolic acid.

Teaser: Learn how to get ultra-long Anna Kornikova hair as quickly as possible with these tricks for encouraging hair length.

Secret Revealed: Our tricks for encouraging hair length are revealed on our Grow Hair Faster page.

What’s New at Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine?

Celebrity Favorites Shoppe Just in time for the holidays! Our Celebrity Favorites Shoppe is a dream come true for the gal who wants to bookmark a site where she can find the very best beauty solutions the world has to offer! We have done the exhaustive research for you...bringing you the very best products of the beauty industry, products so good that they are used by celebrities and their beauty entourages! These are the products that will deliver the most dramatic improvements possible to your appearance, short of cosmetic surgery and they are all in one place!

Best Foundations We reveal the very best foundations on the market today. This list includes award winning foundations and foundations that celebrities use. Find out which yellow-based foundation is Eva Longoria's favorite. Find out which "breathable" foundation supermodel Rachel Hunter uses that helps clear acne and is anti-aging! Find out which foundations are great choices for hard-to-match pale and darker skin tones! No more foundation insecurity!

Best Concealers We reveal the very best concealers on the market today. This list includes award winning concealers and concealers that celebrities use. Find out which concealer Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyeneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields use that is waterproof. Or the concealer that Courtney Cox-Aquette loves that is used on fashion shoots.

Best Mascaras We reveal the very best mascaras on the market today. This list includes award winning mascaras and mascaras that celebrities use. Find out which mascaras Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, and Cheyenne Kimball are crazy about! If you like a natural look, find out which new breakthrough mascara is clump-free! If you like a not-so-natural look, find out which mascaras will make your eyelashes HUGE!

Help Me! Solutions for Your Beauty Crisis Sometimes beauty problems just kind of come out of nowhere. Because mirrors are all around us, these types of problems can be traumatizing and can damage our self-esteem. Here at Celebrity Beauty Secret Goldmine we try to find the solutions to your most embarrassing, and troublesome beauty problems.

Free E-Gift: Celebrity Hair Secrets: How to get your best hair color ever with celebrity tips and products!

By Sara Liz

Why does celebrity hair always look so perfect?

Celebrities have every tip, technique, and product for hair in the world at their disposal. So what are the secrets to hair color bliss? Are they available to us in the real world? Yes they are, and they’re all captured for you below!

Celebrity hair color always has two or more colors in it to give it depth, unlike drug store colors with their flat unidimensionalism. A celebrity’s hair texture is successfully styled into something smooth and shiny if not glass like. There is no frizz or brassiness in sight. So how do they do it? Read on…

What tips, techniques and products are used when coloring celebrity hair?

Celebrities get their hair colored by a professional who specializes in European hair color or corrective color, or is a great artist. The hairstylist will “foil” the hair, using two or more colors to give the hair depth. Hairstylists will then put a “glaze” on the hair to seal in the color, to further tone the color, and to make the hair shine. These services are available in many salons. Usually the foiling with glaze is done every 2 to 3 months and can cost anywhere from $100 to $175 on average. A root touch up and glaze is done every month and can cost between $25 to $100 on average.

How do celebrities keep their colored hair looking fresh, without brassiness between colorings?

Celebrities love Artec color depositing shampoos! These banish brassiness and keep their hair color looking fresh! Drew Barrymore told Allure magazine: "The best color shampoos I've discovered lately are the ones called ARTec. I use half Sunflower, half Walnut. Gorgeous. It comes out like a bronzy caramel chestnut." Jenna Elfman has changed her blonde hair to red with ARTec' Strawberry Color Depositing Shampoo. Minnie Driver uses Cocobean to give her brunette hair depth, and fashion designer Donatella Versace mixes White Violet and Lemon Flower to keep her keep her hair platinum blonde. If the hair color has really faded the celebrity will have their hair glazed which tones down the color and make the hair shine between colorings. Celebrities use salon shampoos and conditioners from brands like ARTec and Bumble and Bumble which are formulated for colored hair because these help hold in the hair color for as long as possible and contain protective sunscreens (the sun can bleach out the color, so they wear hats).

How do celebrities keep their colored hair looking healthy, smooth and shiny?

Celebrities use deep conditioners with protein in them very frequently to keep the hair texture from becoming too porous and rough. They create shine and smoothness by using ceramic irons on the hair, such as the celebrity favorite, the Sedu Flat Iron, or they curl the hair with gel, steam, or Velcro rollers, which hold curls longer than electric rollers. They trim off split ends with regular trims and have the ends of hair rolled under to hide them. Finally the hair is misted with a silicone based shine spray to complete the “red carpet” hair look!

Wow! Professional hair color can get expensive! So what is the closest we can get to a salon-style home hair coloring regimen?

For your two-color hair, you can now buy a great product right in your neighborhood drug store! Beauty experts consider L’Orel Couleur Experte home hair color kit to be the best hair coloring product in the aisle because it gives you two colors for that multidimensional salon look! You first color your hair with a base shade and then paint on highlights with an easy to use tool. For your glazing treatment, try Clairol Nice and Easy Color Boosting Glaze in a shade recommended for your hair color. Use shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair. Your one splurge should be for the ARTec color depositing shampoo, as brassiness and color fade are no fun!

Holiday Celebrity Beauty Tips

In the spirit of the season, we offer these fabulous ways to add sparkle to your appearance, so you can be the center of attention at your holiday celebration!

Holiday Hair

Not a fan of the whole updo thing? Why not make your hair bigger, curlier, or shinier than normal for the holidays? For bigger hair, you can wrap 1 to 2 inch sections around large Velcro or steam rollers. Blast your hair with your blow dryer on the cool setting, then let the rollers set, the longer the better. Blast once more with the blow dryer on the cool setting, remove your rollers, flip your head upside down, and separate the curls with your fingers. Flip your head back and style with your fingers or a brush. You can use a little hair spray to help maintain the height if you’d like. For curly hair, steam or gel rollers work best. Wrap 1 inch sections around small to medium size rollers, depending on the size of curl you’d like. For spiral curls, use steam rollers and twist the once inch sections from top to bottom before you roll them. Let your hair set, the longer, the better. Then blast with the cool setting of your blow dryer, remove the rollers, and use a pick to separate the curls. You can set your hair with hairspray if you’d like extra hold. If the curls come out too curly for your taste, brush them lightly with your hairbrush. For shinier hair, use an at home shine glaze, such as Shine Happy by Clairol. This shine should stay in your hair for up to 4 weeks. Use a shine spray if you have thin, fine or normal hair, or a shine serum if you have thick, curly, or course hair to add extra sparkle! For more information, check out our Celebrity Hair page!

Sparkling Eyes

To stand out at a holiday celebration you need eyes that sparkle. Here are some ideas: Line your lower, inner lash line with a sparkling eyeliner pencil in a color such as glittery white, pink or silver. Or copy this idea which has been used on Charlize Theron: apply bronze colored lip gloss to your eyelids instead of eyeshadow. You can also use a metallic eyeshadow such as gold or silver to make your eyes pop! For more information, check out our article, Create Beautiful Eyes, in our Celebrity Makeup section.

Beautiful Lips Would you like to try fuller lips for the holidays? Then check out one of two products: City Lips by City Cosmetics, or LipFusion by FusionBeauty. Both have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval because they actually do plump your lips! Or you can line your lips slightly outside your natural lip line. The secret to making this look convincing is to pick a lip pencil in a shade that is as close to your natural lip color as possible. Celebrity makeup artists prefer M.A.C.’s Lip Liner in Spice, which is the shade they consider to be closest to most peoples’ natural lip color. Or you can use a tinted lip gloss. The shine from the gloss makes the lips look fuller. For more information, check out our Fuller Lips page.

Life Coaching Tip:

Beat the Clock and Get Your Goals Accomplished!: Any Pink Floyd fan over the age of 25, perhaps, may be able to relate to a bit of fear when hearing the lyrics to the song Speak to Me/Breathe from the album Dark Side of the Moon. “Ten years have got behind you…no one told you when to run…you’ve missed the starting gun”. These lyrics speak to the realization that some people will have at a certain period of time (most likely after a birthday) that might go something like this, “Oh my goodness- I just turned (insert age here). I was just 17 the other day it seems. Where did the time go? How did the time escape me? Wow, I’m not where I thought I would be at this age!” Contrary to popular belief this realization is not just a symptom of a midlife crisis, or even a quarter life crisis. It can happen at any time! Do you remember the game Perfection from when you were little? The objective was to get all the 3D puzzle pieces into place before the timer went off and the pieces exploded into the air. This is a good analogy for the pressure some people feel to get their goals accomplished by a certain deadline or age. They fear something disastrous will happen if they don’t. If you are in this group of panicking people, take a deep breath and consider this: It is never too late to accomplish your goals. Grandma Moses was in her eighties when she became a famous artist. “Yeah, thanks, that’s really helpful”, I just heard you say sarcastically. Well, if that’s how you feel, why not take some daily steps toward ensuring that your goals get accomplished on time? The first and most obvious step is to make a list of what your life’s goals are along with the year or age you wish to achieve them by. Then write a detailed plan of action with a step by step list of what needs to be done in order to accomplish them. Work on one goal at a time and don’t move on to the next one until you see the first one through (studies show multitasking may be a sign of modern times, but can be very stressful and counterproductive). Make a minimum of one step toward your goal everyday, or work on your goal for at least a little bit each day and you should not be left wondering what happened years later. Remember that keeping yourself motivated is a daily duty. We feel more motivated to work on our goals when the rest of our lives are in order and we are feeling healthy. So keep your environment clean and organized, exercise, eat right, drink water, and don’t procrastinate. You may also want to check out the master of motivation, Tony Robbins. Visit to get more info on his 7 day motivational program which will fully charge your goal-achieving batteries!

Self Improvement Tip:

How to Stand Out from the Crowd A broad vocabulary can take you places. It is one of the key reasons why managers hire employees who don’t necessarily have the best credentials. It enables you to write a book or give a speech.

Use Them Or Lose Them: Words are powerful tools, and the more of them you have at your disposal, the more eloquently you can express yourself. Many people are under the assumption that building a better vocabulary merely allows you to show off, with “twenty dollar words”. Not so. Building a better vocabulary familiarizes you with many different ways to use words. Common everyday words are suddenly twice as useful. Words you forgot about are suddenly on the tip of your tongue. And yes, you will learn some “big words”, and yes they will impress some people and annoy others, but that’s not your problem. Don’t stop using these words or you will lose them.

The Best Ways To Learn New Words: There are tons of ways to build your vocabulary. When you read, circle words you don’t know and then look them up in the dictionary later. Try to figure out what the word means by paying attention to its context and then confirm your impression by looking up the answer. When your eyes get tired from reading, listen to one of the many vocabulary builder cassette programs available. Purchase a guide to studying for a graduate school entrance exam, such as the GRE Test. These preparation guides contain a list of vocabulary words that test creators expect college graduates to know. Read often from a variety of challenging literature or subject matter. This way you will come across more unfamiliar words and will also be able to pick up on the jargon of other branches of knowledge.

Ask Questions: When you hear an unfamiliar word in conversation, ask the speaker what it means. Don’t be embarrassed and let pride get in the way of your self-education. Try to associate with people who stimulate your mind and have a good vocabulary and then ask them to define words that you don’t know.

Double Your Education: College classes are a great place to pick up new words, as professors tend to have highly developed vocabularies. If the professor uses a word that you do not know while you are taking notes, jot it down in the margin of the paper and put an asterisk in the sentence where the word was used. This way you can look up the words from several lectures at the same time and then examine them in the proper context (where the asterisk is). Study a little everyday and most importantly, incorporate your new words into your everyday conversations.

Special Opportunity:

Become a Published Author: Do you have a Do it Yourself (D.I.Y) beauty nightmare story to share with our e-zine readers? If your story is accepted it will be published in an upcoming issue of Celebrity Beauty Secret E-zine, and you can add this publication to your writing resume! Ever colored your hair at home and it came out green? Or have you ever used self-tanning lotion and ended up looking like an Oompah Loompah from Willy Wonka? These are the type of stories we are looking for. If you are interested, the story should be true and between 700 and 1000 words. We reserve the right to edit for spelling, punctuation, or grammar, etc... You retain the rights to your story. Send the story as a Microsoft Word attachment to The subject line should read “DIY Story”.

We hope you enjoyed this special Holiday edition of Celebrity Beauty Secret Ezine!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! We will have a special ezine which will be out before New Years, which will help you get ready and get gorgeous for the New Year!

See you next month! Sara Liz


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