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Betty was the quintessential World War II era glamour girl. She was the number one female box office draw of the forties and with her voluminous blond hair and Technicolor red lips, she defined big band nightclub glamour. Betty Grable was most famous for her "great gams", which were featured on her popular pin-up and painted on many WWII airplane. She was known as "the girl with the million dollar legs".

Betty Grable Beauty Secrets to get swing dance girl sexy:

To get Betty Grable's look, go with a light blond to medium blond shade (see our How to Use Hair Color article, in the Celebrity Hair section).

To get legs like Betty's check our Best Fitness Tip List article in our Celebrity Body section.

Curl your bangs back with a large roller, and set the bottom of your hair in medium rollers, rolling in the direction toward your neck (like in the picture).

Roll your hair up to the top of your neck (check our Best Ways to Curl Hair article). Then pick your curls out with a pick.

If you want to tame them you can brush them and mist them lightly with hair spray.

Then brush your bangs, teasing them with the brush by holding the ends up and the hair completely straight, while brushing quickly up and down with short, quick motions.

Tease and brush until the hair becomes big and curled back on the top so it rises inches above your head. Then hairspray the hair into place and secure it with a bobby pin.

Using a barrette and hair spray, brush the sides back and secure them flat against the head. Finish your look with a forties favorite, red lipstick!

Getting ready to go out while listening to swing music also helps!

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